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JP posted a blog post
A jupyter notebook with crop analysis algorithms utilizing digital elevation models, dtm and multi-spectral imagery (R-G-B-NIR-Rededge-Thermal) from a MicaSense Altum sensor processed with DroneMapper Remote…
Nov 8, 2019
JP commented on JP's blog post DroneMapper Open Source Projects
"That is a lofty goal!  ^^^^"
May 7, 2019
JP posted a blog post
DroneMapper.comWe are starting to release certain projects back to the open source community. You can find these new projects on our GitHub page here. We will continue to develop and contribute to these projects as time permits! ArUco geobits:…
Apr 30, 2019
JP posted a blog post
The free version "RAPID" now allows higher resolution DEM generation and blended Orthomosaic!  DroneMapper Rapid and Remote Expert Version 20181120 has been released. Please download the latest version here. This release has the latest UI…
Jan 10, 2019
JP commented on Kristaps Brass's blog post A Guide to Camera Settings for Photogrammetry Routes in UgCS
"..and a spread-sheet to help calculations: https://dronemapper.com/answers/excel-spreadsheet-for-drone-mapping..."
Mar 27, 2018
JP commented on Kristaps Brass's blog post A Guide to Camera Settings for Photogrammetry Routes in UgCS
"Great write-up! I would add that the "White Balance" setting is also very important... it is best to set it to a fixed setting such as "Sunny" or "Cloudy" based on current conditions -- this makes for uniform color and balance between images. "
Mar 27, 2018
JP replied to Milasha's discussion Processing orthophoto data with Pix4D is quite slow. Any other photogrammetry software recommendations? Which ortho-mosaicing software is faster?
"Give our Windows Desktop software a try: https://dronemapper.com/software_downloads/
The free version is limited to 150 images and doesn't have Orthomosaic tile blending ... if you contact us we can issue you a trial license for a few weeks time.…"
Mar 22, 2018
JP replied to mable's discussion What other software can classify the ground points and run tree segmentation besides Terrasolid?
"Here is a short tutorial using DroneMapper, Lastools and Global Mapper to build a bare earth DTM:
Mar 20, 2018
JP replied to mable's discussion Can someone recommend a good software (open source or not) that can extract contour lines?
"Take a look at GDAL.. it is open source and there are many functions. It has a module that will do contour lines from a DEM
Mar 20, 2018
JP replied to mable's discussion Which open source or commercial software can generate DEM’s of lidar point cloud?
"as mentioned, Lastools is awesome and has open source components"
Mar 20, 2018
JP posted a blog post
Free Aerial Imagery Data Collection JPGs, GeoTIFFs and Point Clouds!We've updated our sample data page with a number of new drone based aerial imagery collections. These are available for personal and commercial use! We would love to hear about how…
Mar 14, 2018
JP posted a blog post
DroneMapper: DroneMapper.com xyHt Magazine: http://xyht.com DroneMapper has been working with Arch Coal over the past 5 years in the development of an affordable work flow to accurately estimate coal stock pile volumetrics at the West Elk mine…
Dec 1, 2017
JP commented on JP's blog post Remote Drone Mapping on Grand Mesa, Colorado
"Thanks Stanley! "
Sep 10, 2017
JP posted a blog post
Delta County, Colorado agriculture has the benefit of over 300 reservoirs on the Grand Mesa, many of which supply irrigation to the variety of crops grown. This time of year, the reservoirs are being drawn down providing an excellent opportunity to…
Sep 8, 2017
JP posted a blog post
We appreciate all the feedback and feature requests over the last couple of months! Thank youYou can now process up to 150 images from DJI sensors for free on your Windows 10 desktop. We've also added NDVI calculations and a load of other new…
Apr 27, 2017
JP commented on Alexandre Mainardi (Nuvem UAV)'s blog post Drone Market Strategies – Partnerships and acquisitions of the dominant players
"@Rainer K. Mikrokopter makes great products! I remember some of our first mapping jobs in 2011 were from this platform and it just worked. "
Dec 16, 2016