DroneMapper is very pleased to announce that RAPID for DJI is available for download and testing on limited imagery data sets at no cost to the user. RAPID will provide scaled DEMs and orthomosaics using up to 75 images for a scene. Results are available in near real time using modest computing hardware.

The download link can be found here: DroneMapper Software & Downloads | Drone Mapper Imagery Processing

Three WINDOWS 10 (64bit) applications with different features and functionality are offered and are summarized below:

• RAPID for DJI (Free): Allows input of up to 75 geo-tagged JPEG images of 12 Mpixel format or greater. RAPID will produce a preview orthomosaic, a DEM scaled at X8 of imagery native resolution and an orthomosaic scaled at X4 as output products in GeoTiff format. RAPID for DJI is limited to DJI platforms and sensors.

• REMOTE (Licensed): For larger mapping areas, this module allows input of up to 400 geo-tagged JPEG images of 12 Mpixel format or greater. REMOTE will produce a preview orthomosaic, a DEM scaled at X8 or X4 of imagery native resolution and an orthomosaic scaled at X4 or X2 as output products in GeoTiff format.

• REMOTE EXPERT (Licensed): This module provides full photogrammetric functionality and allows input of up to 1000 geo-tagged JPEG images of 12 Mpixel format or greater. REMOTE EXPERT produces a preview orthomosaic, a DEM scaled at X8, X4 or X2 of imagery native resolution (user selectable) and an orthomosaic scaled at X4, X2 or native resolution (user selectable) as output products in GeoTiff format. This module also will perform processing using ground control points (GCPs). This feature requires imagery pre-processing using the included GCP Tool. The module will generate a 64-bit point cloud of the results in ASCII PLY/XYZ format should the user select that feature.

Feature/Function Benefits
• Orthomosaic preview – facilitates review of acceptable imagery collection at the site, prior to equipment pack-up, by generating the preview in near real time. In many cases the preview will help identify holes in coverage, issues with image geo-tagging and poor quality imagery (blur and other imagery artifacts that hamper proper processing) before you leave the scene.
• Linear and area measurements for overlap verification and scene coverage.
• Selectable scaling of the DEM appropriate for the project requirements. If 1-2’ contours and/or volumetrics are required, then a X8 DEM may be suitable for the quickest turn around and acceptable accuracy. If finer detail is desired, then X4 and X2 DEMs are selected at the expense of processing time.
• Selectable scaling and blending of the orthomosaic for scene feature identification and production of a visually pleasing (minimal to no seamlines) scene.
• DEM and orthomosaic sub-pixel root mean square error (RMSE) of GCPs in horizontal and vertical - facilitates accurate planimetric and 3-D measurements.
• 64-bit point cloud provided for feature classification, editing and DTM generation.
• Robust processing algorithms tolerant of minimal imagery overlap. Allows user to close the loop on operations platform, camera/lens and mission planner to minimize overlaps for high efficiency collects over larger areas, quick processing turnaround times and high quality output.

Please review the operating instructions, run the application on your data sets and provide us feedback on its operation and utility. Should you need additional functionality for larger data sets please contact us for more details on REMOTE and REMOTE EXPERT.

Happy Holidays,
the DroneMapper Team

More information: https://dronemapper.com

Help and Support: https://dronemapper.freshdesk.com/support/home

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