Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone out there could help me out or give me some suggestions to get my quad flying! I have searched and searched and run into a road block. Here are the details:

Frame: 3DR Quad

Motors: 880kv with frame bored out to accept larger motors

Props: 12x45

ESC: Thunderbird 36

APM2 with Sonar

RX/TX: Futaba 7c / R617FS (reserved the throttle control)

Battery: Turnigy 4000 3s 30-40c

Latest Mission Planner and Quad firmware.

I've got a gps lock, ESC calibrated (auto) and the radio calibrated. all props are on correctly, at full throttle in my living room it won't lift off the ground. Any ideas? 

I have brand new bats and just did a full charge thinking that might be the issue. Please and Thanks!

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The ESCs are not the recommended kind because they are not fixed range. Can you reprogram them to not auto-range?

A Turnigy 4000 is a rather large and heavy battery. You're running the 880kv purple motors from jDrones? Those would be hard pressed to turn a big prop and a heavy quad.


Thanks for that info. It helps, I will look at the ESC's.. They were recommended to me, hopefully they'll work. :)

Here are the motors: https://store.diydrones.com/Motor_AC2830_358_880Kv_p/ac-0004-05.htm

I'll check out the ESC stuff right now. Thanks

There doesn't seem to be a way to set them up as "fixed range", do you have any more information on this? Thanks

Just tried to manually calibrate the ESCs. Same thing! All pre-flight tests are perfect, it just doesn't seem to be getting power or being limited by "auto range" as suggested above? 

Motors command works fine as well.

Video attached: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtDZs2_ymQk

The quad is pretty light, just the APM2, frame, esc and 4000mah battery.

Thanks for any suggestions.

might want to check castle creations, there was a firmware revision released on 2/22/2012. there was specific mention on multirotor on throttle issue.

thank you, i saw that but it looks like it is just the usb software the was updated. can you point me in the right direction?


shows the last tbird firmware as 10/14/10




this is what i found.


well i see that its related to the phoenix series. maybe that wont help.


after looking again you might be able to apply the update. it might be for all.

sweet. i will look and see if I can update the tbird series. I also emailed Castle Creations.. i'll post the reply. thx again

edit: bummer, it looks like those changes are for phoenix series only. yes you can download them but you need the correct ESC plus the castle usb programmer in order to update the firmware

you might want to do a hand test or check and make sure rotation is right. just watched your video and it looked to me like the motors are spinning the wrong way.

that was definitely part of the problem. having some problems getting it to arm now. thanks for noticing that!

output from motors command after fixing the prop directions. dumb mistake! i checked things with the preflight test. i'll give it a shot outside with the overhead test tomorrow. thinking about doing a tethered test?


 so does everything work ok now. just wondering as i was thinking of switching to cc thunderbird esc's.

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