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  • Another drone world map on

  • Time to turn off geo-tagging & cover up the gps coordinates in video's.

  • Strange to see a large cluster in the Lithuania / Latvia region. As I will be commuting to Vilnius for a couple of years I have tried to fine like minded people and come up with nil.

  • Developer

    the esperence node will be albany/ongerup. ie me.

  • Hi, the data is a random sampling of geo-tagged images from map missions around the world. Haven't seen much imagery from Japan or the major cities in AU, doesn't mean it isn't happening there - just not in our database or this data sample.
  • Looks like there are lots of drones in Geraldton and Esperence in Western Australia but none in Perth.  Also Tridge lives in Canberra and there is nothing there.

  • And apparently nobody in Japan does drones aswell.

  • @David

    Hard to believe there are more active spots in Africa than Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. Must be a tiny sampling :). Even kiwiland has more spots than Australia.

  • Moderator

    Er - question the accuracy of the data.  There's nothing in the two largest cities in Australia? o.O

  • Are you going to display these images in a online mapper (like google maps) one day? Because that will be really awesome to see everyone's work.

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