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  • I use the ThunderPower X-Pro 40 and it is mounted outside right in front of the engine. No heating problems at all actually. Also I can monitor the amps in realtime via my EZOSD from immersion rc. Max amps was 12.4 at full throttle climbing out. During the rest of the flight it varied from 6.4 to 7.9 amps depending on the pops i gave it when needed to hit thermals. I have well over 40oz extra weight on my Easystar. I cut a full payload bay in bottom, running the 4600 through the bottom payload with the cockpit holding EZOSD - Ardupilot - Shield - Pitot - 1320 mah osd battery, and 910 mah video batter. Total of 57 ozs......I epoxied the entire bottom adding atleast 9 oz of epoxy to the plane, lined the inside with carbon rod from front to rear, another 2 oz there and the paint which I put on a little thick :)

    The wings flex almost 20 degrees on high dives, but that elapor is awesome, flexes just beautifully and I landing lights and navigation lights on here using a 7.4mah 3S lipo to power. Another 2-3 oz..... This plane can handle a ton of payload, just up the engine. Mine now flies with a Hacker A-30 which is overkill. But gets me to altitude a lot faster now, so my thermal soaring is longer....
  • That was a long duration, I can just say. the easy star can handle som extra weight.

    I have tried whit the pentax camera (130g) plus fpv 60g and the 2200mah (180g), so it can handle a lot of weight.

    have heard that it can take 40 oz as maximum, thats alot hehe.
  • hey peter, what type and brand name esc do you use with this setup, and did you have a problem with it over heating
  • 2hrs - 20 minutes with 22.2 miles distance total all around distance..... Staying at or below 400 AGL doing a 2.5 mile circuit in the desert in Yakima, Wa.

    Using 4600mah 3S with A-20 hacker. FPV gear and telemetry with 20dbi antenna and oracle diversity.
  • I have been up for 40 minutes on half throtle but i went bored so i landed,

    Will test longer flights later.

    This is my setup:

    Brushless motor 200watt, 1200kv and recomended 8*4 propp.
    3 cell lipo 2200 mah.
    And a 25amp esc.
  • This guy in Norway has managed 1 h 40 minutes so far.
    Check out this thread on RCG:
    or this one where he explains in detail how he did it:
    Very cool stuff!
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