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  • Could an hexapod be used for Camera Stabilization... instead of the gimbal ?

  • Can anyone tell me more about this hexapod being used? i.e which company it's from and how much it might cost??

  • Developer

    Electronic (digital) image stabilization only has some hard limits that you cannot get around, like motion blur caused by quick camera movements. The best approach is a hybrid system where you combine optical (mechanical) and electronic stabilization. Typically found in the semi-pro range of camcorders.

  • @mP1 ... I take your point, however, I thought the BeBop was doing a variant on the 4K-for-2K approach - oversized sensor with the image "stabilised" by cropping in to the image, which may require less CPU processing?
  • mP1, I have a Sony AS100V camera, that does do electronic image stabilization internally.  It does work.  Sort of.  It helps, but it's not perfect.  You still need a good gimbal.

  • I like it!

  • @David: I highly doubt the BeBop has real time digital stablisation. If Adobe Premiere on a fast multi core machine cant do real time stablisation, then theres no way a lesser CPU can.

  • Chris, are 3DR exploring the digital stabilisation option as per the Parrot BeBop?
  • a 3 axis tarot would be great!

  • nice machine, do you know why tarot is not releasing the 3 axis, i love my tarot 2d  but im waiting for the 3 axis. For me tarot is the best gimbal, you can buy parts an fix it in case of damage, the other brands not

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