Change Hex to Y6


I changed my Hex6 to Y6 for compact size and ease of transport

Payload without Gopro is about 2kg. And hover current is 17A.


And video:

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  • I want to move from my H-quad to Y6, for reasons of redundancy. From the photos above, it seems that your Y6 is not weight balanced in relation to the geometric center. Isn't this important ? What's your FC ?

  • No, I have not. I read somewhere about this coaxial system. Draganfly is doing like your said. But I am not serious in the performance and it is a little hard to buy propellers here. And I want to find out what is the best balanced propellers for aerial video. I experimented that if you have good balanced propellers and good anti-vibration, you will have good video without any "jello effect".

    Maybe, I will try as you said here in future.

  • I read somewhere that the bottom ones need to be a little larger to overcome the prop wash from the top ones. Have you experimented with different sizes.
  • Yes, they are. They are 12x3.8SlowFly

  • What size props are you using, are they all the same size.....
  • I like Y6's. One of the benefits is you can get away with shorter arms due to the motor spacint which makes it even more compact.

  • Thanks, I used lipo 4s 2*2000mAh about 7mins. Battery is about 480g. So, the copter without battery is about 1,5kg.


  • Nice platform and nice flight

    How long you can fly with 2kg payload ?

    Do you count battery weight as payload weight?

    What is your empty (without payload) weigth of your system?

  • Nice machine. Those heli pilots were AWESOME

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