Ardustation software errors

I am trying to get the Ardustation3 software to compile but am getting errors in a couple of the functions. Not being a strong programmer could anyone help me please? 

If I try and compile the software in the Arduino IDE it reports a lot of errors but I cannot resolve even the first one. 


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    Have you moved all the libraries to the correct place?

    I compiled and uploaded successfully today with Arduino IDE 1.5.4

  • Thanks TC, Peter

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    Sorry, I cannot help you with the arudstation3 as I am not familiar with that design. I suggest that you contact the author of the source code for help.

    You might want to consider the ASM instead as it is a proven design, open source, lots of support, and reasonable in price: ASM I have one and it works great in the field with my ArduRover.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • The problem seems to be in vsarduino.h

    Line 98 void gcs_handleMessage(mavlink_message_t* msg); 

    Line 100 void send_message(mavlink_message_t* msg);

    I did change the paths in 17 include statements at the bottom of this file as well. 

    I selected the ATMega2560 board. 

    I am using VisualC++ to try and make it easier to debug.


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    When you say Ardustation3 are you referring to the Ardustation Mega?

    Are you selecting the correct target Arduino mcu in the IDE?

    The ASM source code will not compile correctly unless 7 "include statement" paths are changed to the correct path on your PC/laptop.



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