I have just bought an APM2.0 that is not assembled.

I can't find any instructions about assembling it.

I am now wondering whether I need to solder the GPS to the support pins that are labelled 5v Gnd or whether it picks up the 5v and Gnd via the multipin connector. I am slightly concerned that if I get a fault on either the main board or the GPS I will have great difficulty desoldering the GPS to access the main board. 


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I've just buyed the APM2 like yours.

I hope these two images that DIYDrones sent to me (the wiki is coming) can help you.

YES, you must solder the pins since they provide power and ground!!!!!

I did not solder mine for those 6 power pins.  I just bend them all outward to hold the GPS board in place.  Reason I do it is that I may have to switch that board to a non-GPS one and have an external GPS instead, if my mounting location doesn't get good GPS signal.


Does anyone know if any of the selection pads on the underside of the APM2 need to be soldered?

Could someone please post underside photos of a pre-assembled APM2?

Than you very much,


Nothing underside need to be soldered.

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