Assembling an APM2.0

I have just bought an APM2.0 that is not assembled.

I can't find any instructions about assembling it.

I am now wondering whether I need to solder the GPS to the support pins that are labelled 5v Gnd or whether it picks up the 5v and Gnd via the multipin connector. I am slightly concerned that if I get a fault on either the main board or the GPS I will have great difficulty desoldering the GPS to access the main board. 


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  • Does anyone know if any of the selection pads on the underside of the APM2 need to be soldered?

    Could someone please post underside photos of a pre-assembled APM2?

    Than you very much,


  • Hi

    I've just buyed the APM2 like yours.

    I hope these two images that DIYDrones sent to me (the wiki is coming) can help you.



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