Possibility of Flight Utilizing Low RPM Motors


   I'm a student competing in the First Tech Challenge for 2017-2018. For this years competition, I'm investigating the possibility of creating a robot capable of flight, in the form of a quad/multi-copter. However, I am not quite sure whether the motor restrictions, combined with additional necessary electronics/battery packs, will facilitate a working robot of this form. Here are the motor restrictions:


AndyMark NeveRest series 12V DC Motors

Modern Robotics/MATRIX 12V DC Motors

REV Robotics HD Hex 12V DC Motor

REV Robotics Core Hex 12V DC Motor

The other restrictions can be found on pages 24-47 of the following document: FTC Manual 1.

From the research I have done so far, it appears that the motors wont be able to lift even themselves. Noting that we have access to machining services and 3D printing, as well as the constraints of an 18x18x18 build space and a limit of twelve motors, is there any potential for the creation of a drone here?

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  • My very quick reading of the rules is that a flying robot would not be allowed. 


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