Ardupilot 2 hardware diagram

A large number of you have contributed a great deal to this effort so here is my humble offering - a block diagram of the hardware. I have deliberately left out the power regulators and tried to show just the key signal lines.Hope it is of benefit to someone!!PeterArdupilot 2.pdf
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  • Here it is Chris, Peter
    Ardupilot 2.ppt
  • Moderator
    Tell me about the weather Peter!!
  • That's just what I needed Thanks
  • thanks great work
  • Thanks for the feedback - there are a couple of errors that need correcting (thanks Fred) that I will attend to and I may add a few words for explanation.

    The big one is the software flowchart - having limited programming expertise and no experience drawing software flowcharts I am not the best person to tackle it but for my own education I will have a go so watch this space - it's supposed to be summer here in the UK but recently it has been very wet and windy so I do have a bit of time on my hands!

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    !Muchas Gracias Peter!
  • Terrific! This does answer some questions.

    One observation, however. I understand IN1 to be the roll input and is connected to the rudder OR aileron channel depending on your model and choice. IN2 is the elevator input channel is it not?
  • Nice! Thanks!
  • Peter,

    Great work...excellent...thanks for doing this!!!
  • 3D Robotics

    That's fantastic. I'll add it to the manual!

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