Octocopter height gain when yawing

My octocopter with APM1 and oilpan running 2.7.3 software has a quite alarming power surge in the motors when yawing. Yawing either way results in a an audible surge of the motors and quite rapid height gain. The surge stops and the rate of altitude gain slows if you hold the yaw command on. 

I had hoped these two threads were going to spread some light on the issue but they seemed to stop as things started to get interesting. 



Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so what was their solution?



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  • I reduced the YawRateP from 0.25 to 0.12 and that improved things considerably.

    Thansk for the very quick response, Peter 

  • Graham, thanks for responding, I don't feel so alone. 

    Jason, I will try reducing yaw rate P. Am using the default value and compared with my quad have much longer arms.


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    Your yaw rate P value is too high.
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    My quad does the same (right at the start of the yaw) but I've just got used to it, the alt gain for me is only about 0.5-1m and it seems to come down slowly after the yaw stops.

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