The Rise of The Geek Dad

Under this title there is an article in the Weekend section of The Times (UK) newspaper today with a quarter page picture of Chris Anderson and Daniel.

Well done Chris!


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  • Admin
    Sylvain, too many geek dads in there and even bigger projects!! :))
  • I tryed to build a submarine a few years ago its pritty easy if its only a few feet, for show really, but it takes up to much space to build and keep. :-(
  • Admin
    I bet there are going to be lot more geek dads soon , thanks to DiyDrones.
  • "...and could not bear the thought of playing Candy Land one more time.” - :))) oooo how true
  • Moderator
    Mine wants to build a submarine, really really. To sit in of course.
  • T3
    Off to build a youngest should land near the park with Arduino controlled para-glider ; )
  • Moderator
    Wow, weekend after weekend the mentions in the UK come!
  • 3D Robotics
    And a Lego UAV!

    Story here.
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