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automatik commented on automatik's blog post Razor 6DOF IMU + Arduino + DCM
""..I wanted to use a GPS to correct yaw and to calibrate it."
Take a look at ArduPilot code for GPS correction and see if you can adopt it for your needs"
Aug 30, 2010
automatik replied to Curt Olson's discussion Autonomous Senior Telemaster
"Here you go:"
Aug 13, 2010
automatik commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Help sponsor the Open Hardware Summit
"me three...me three :)"
Aug 11, 2010
automatik left a comment for Roberto Hawkowski
"Hi Roberto,
your blog post is better suited for the forum section of the site. Kindly move it there.

High definition FPV


Is there such thing as high definition FPV? i.e. is it possible to transmit high definition video from UAV…"
Aug 5, 2010
automatik commented on Jason Short's blog post Anti-crash mode in AUTO
"Nicely done Jason!"
Aug 1, 2010
automatik commented on Mark's blog post Easystar build.... motor mount
"Hi mark,
see this thread on RC Groups, especially 4th post...better to take care of things before the flight...

Jul 25, 2010
automatik commented on Mark's blog post Easystar build.... motor mount
"Hi Mark,
looks nice ! Did you take into account thrust angle when installing new motor?"
Jul 25, 2010
automatik replied to fish's discussion About PID controller
"Hi fish,
welcome to DIY Drones.
PID is not a physical circuit - see PID controller basics"
Jul 19, 2010
automatik commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Little Bird UAV Heli navigates without GPS
"Now that's cool ! Looking forward to some of the same features in ArduHeli 2.0 :)"
Jul 16, 2010
automatik commented on AVS's blog post ArduPilot and Jasons Sim. Realtime 3D
which version of Google Earth are you using?"
Jul 13, 2010
automatik commented on Chris Anderson's blog post T3--Round 7: Autonomous takeoff and landing!
"Do we think it should stop after 12 rounds or 12 months??"
No, I don't think it should stop. I think it's a wonderful competition which encourages people to try new things and push forward. If anything we should expand it - perhaps to…"
Jul 13, 2010
automatik replied to Jonathan Myers's discussion Compulsory Self-Introduction
"Welcome aboard!"
Jul 12, 2010
automatik replied to Gil's discussion EasyGlider - another concept
"Nicely done!

How stable is the video - do you get any vibrations from the motor?
what camera did you use?"
Jul 12, 2010
automatik posted a discussion
This is just a very simple example of how you can use LabVIEW to readjoystick information ( and perform actions based on the input). In thiscase I used Play Station 2 controler but any joystick can be used.This is source code for LabVIEW ver…
Jul 3, 2010
automatik posted photos
Jul 3, 2010
automatik replied to Greg Fletcher's discussion Labview driver problems
"Hi Greg,
I think that "backward compatibility" for run time engine ver 9 ( 2009) to 8.6.1 might not exist, but I will check on that. I think if you have both run time engines installed all your apps in question might work"
Jun 30, 2010