Coyote - small UAV from big guys


Found this interesting - small UAV from BAE Systems

"The Coyote is a small, electric-powered unmanned aircraft system. Initially designed with funding from the U.S. Navy, it weighs only 13
pounds and has a 58-inch wingspan. Once deployed, it can cruise faster
than 60 knots for more than an hour, conducting research or performing
intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions."
Source: EON

Also here is a video of proposed deployment:

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  • Does anybody know how about the wing close and open? Will you can give me a drawings? I am interested with it .Thank you.

  • I'm not the only one read Pop-sci then? LOL. I started designing a Coyote based plane last night. It'll be very small though. I'm thinking about a 36" WS and 24" fuse. The wings won't be collapsable, but bolt on's should make it easy to pack/unpack and assemble in the field. My first thought was how my kids broke my high wing foamie last year BEFORE I got it out of the car on a camping trip. UGH! I can build a simple box to store this in, then keep it in the car all the time for VERY portable RC flying. Not to worry, I'm desing it around the Ardupilot. I don't have enough EPP for the wings, so I'll make the fist set from foamboard, but the fuse will be bulletproof. The biggest problem I'm seeing right now is control surfaces. The ArduPilot hasn't tested V-tail mixing yet.
  • There is the Guardian project:
    However I don't know its progress.
  • Admin
    very cool product with collapsible wing , I wonder how difficult it would be to develop a similiar looking concept by guys with resources here
  • This UAV was developed from Advanced Ceramics Research which now is a subsidiary of BAE Systems. It is launched like a Sonobuoy from ASW aircraft. I wrote a small post in my website here some time ago. These deployable UAVs look very cool and many big (or bought by big) companies have similar concepts (Insitu and AV)
  • those carbon fiber wings look sick...
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