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I have been taking an interest in several crazy concepts and would like to see them come to fruition - what a better way to do this than to join DIYDrones?

I will be working on learning the basics of RC Flying - as experience goes, I have none.

When I have acquired the basics and good understanding of the flight dynamics of a such smaller craft - it's not exactly the same as bigger and heavier real planes but comparable to an extent. Then, I will be working on constructing an UAV from scratch or a kit depending on what I want to be able to achieve with the UAV.

The UAV design that I want to base off would be either a combination of several of the following; RQ-2B, RQ-7B, and Globalhawk. How would I go about this, that's something I'll have to sketch up.

My long term goal with constructing UAV is to have one to be EAC'd by FAA prior to conducting a cross-country trek from the East Coast to the West Coast on a single fill. This UAV, I predict to span between two to three meters in wingspan, most likely will be running 25-50cc engine.

Beyond that, I'll start realistic and get myself all accustomed to the basics and the fun of UAV'ing with a premier endurance of an hour or more - hopefully.

In the future, I will be heavily investing my time in the - Eh, I think it's called My Project sub-forum brain-storming various ideas and I'll be sure to share my sketches and any crazy plans.

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    i would start with FAA's COA as they will be the longest hurdle to overcome. But 3000 miles on a single tank?
  • Welcome aboard!
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