EasyGlider - another concept

Hi all, just wanted to share some pictures of my new plane and my own concept for the Easyglider, being my first approach to the foam materials i though i would give it a try and implement a new design for this type of planes.

So i put my hands on the pencil & paper and draw a motor/camera bench that would release some space inside the fuselage that could be used for other stuff.

Since i had some extra pcb epoxy fiber boards available for my electronic projects, i decided to use it for this purpose and i´m glad i did it.

Here are some photos of the final result.














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  • beautiful,
    how did you make the nose sharp?
  • Care to share how you made the motor mount for it? I really like the way it looks very clean setup !
  • Hi Gil
    Very nice project. I would have been better off to do something like that.

  • So the entire plane is made from what exactly?
  • Nicely done!

    How stable is the video - do you get any vibrations from the motor?
    what camera did you use?
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