Gyro and accelerometer vibration tests

I performed some rudimentary vibration tests on Razor 6 DOF board with Arduino - which has same gyros and accel as ArduIMU (LPR530AL and LY530ALH, ADXL335). In the above link you'll find complete description of test setup and bunch of images and graphs.Summary is:- Razor / Arduino, which is bulkier then ArduIMU, was placed inside HawkSky ( a la EasyStar) and tests were performed on the bench. I tried, as much it's possible on the bench, to simulate flight condition (i.e. no rigid connections to bench)- there were three groups of tests - no padding, "IMU" padding, and "IMU" + motor mount padding-Accelerometer data, gyro non-amplified signals, and gyro 4x amplified signals were recorded for part throttle and full throttle

Preliminary thoughts:- High Pass filter should probably be changed / eliminated - as noted in other threads by Andrus and Doug W.- I wouldn't mind if bigger capacitors for low pass filters (accels and gyros) were put in place- Padding matters. Location of padding + board placement matters.(some previous data on Razor at )
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  • Hi Friends,

    I have a small doubt for you. here he said, " As a side note, pins HP, PD, and ST for both gyros are tied together" . does it mean, we have to tie before connecting Razor IMU to Arduino ? or the sparkfun people already tied them ? It is confusing me.
    If the answer for the first question is YES , how can i find those pins to tie.
    I appreciate your time.
    Thank you.
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  • Developer
    "Padding matters" is no surprise to us RC helicopter guys. We always use a special bit of double sided foam tape to mount our gyros. And the type of foam tape matters....
  • Excellent testing !
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