ArduPilot Ground Station - basic GPS / KML logging example

Hi all,attached is example of ArduPilot Ground Station that logs KML data, as well as displays plane path during flight. (plane icon is current position and flight path is yellow with green bars, but I have lot's of data packed so it's hard to see green in the attached pic).

There were mentions in couple of threads about desire for GPS / kml logging and some more general purpose logging as well. While back I modified original GS LabVIEW code to include KML logging...My personal GS (test) code looks a bit different (different architecture, etc.) but in attached example I added functionality to Jordi's code....It can be easily adapted to Mike Black's modified GS LabVIEW code as well. I left everything else "as is" so to preserve familiarity/look-feel of the code....For people with LabVIEW development environment:-Copy paste attached files into your groundstation directory ( ,, and NetworkLink file)-NetworkLink file will be overwritten so you might want to back it up (just rename it)-Don't worry about flight.kml file as we will use flight-test.kml file-Start ( instead of as you would normally do)For people without LabVIEW dev environment:- sorry :( - you'll have to wait untill someone from 'Ground Station Dev group' compiles the files and include them into repository . I don't have access to depository and am using LabVIEW 8.5, while everyone else (i think) uses LabVIEW 8.6 - it would be just too big of a mess to keep up with dev version control so I'll leave it at "GS people" to compile the code and include it (if they so desire)Note lat, lon, and alt data is logged into flight-test.kml file - It will be rewritten every time you start ground If you want to preserve file for future use, after you are done with flight, copy or simply rename the file.kml file will look something like this:

In the attached file lat and lon is not changing because that's the time frame while plane was sitting on the runway.Attached files show basic example of GPS / kml logging that suited my needs. Expending this file, or creating more specific data log file is fairly trivial and can easily be
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  • Admin
    Chris , the link you pasted has error. here is the correct one. :)
  • 3D Robotics
    It turns out that it's easy to add speech to our Labview GCS. Here's the plugin.
  • 3D Robotics
    Andrew, that sounds perfect. We just need to figure out how Labview can call the Windows speech routine.
  • Having done this recently, I can tell you what I did and hopefully you will be able to improve on this, but do feel free to ignore it altogether :-)

    1. Every 100ft (or 100m) announce the altitude (and whether climbing or descending). For example, "Climbing through 100 metres", or "Descending through 400 feet".

    2. At user defined intervals, announce the destination, altitude and airspeed. For example, "En route to waypoint 3, 320 metres, 120 kilometres per hour".

    I also made the type of altitude - i.e relative to launch (AGL) or absolute (AMSL) user definable. (Relative to launch is usually barometrically derived, and absolute is usually GPS-derived.)

    I should add that Gary Mortimer deserves most of the credit for these speech templates.

  • sorry for delay - I was "away" from net for last few days.....

    Yes, we can add speech synthesis; and you are right it's basically ActiveX call. The only thing is that this solution is Windows specific - for Mac on Linux we would have to come up with different calls (/solutions?).
    Is there a discussion or requirements, specs, etc. for speech synthesis functionality, i.e what do we want computer voice to say and when?
  • 3D Robotics
    Just a FYI that we're bringing Automatik into the GCS dev team so this can be part of the official release.

    Auto, any chance of adding speech sythnesis? I think it's just a matter of a system call in Windows these days, which has speech synthesis built-in.
  • Hi Automatik, great news just on the New Year!
    That sound great!

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