Features for next version of Ardupilot

Developing and especially testing hardware and software is never easy and by opening the process to others, solutions can often be identified very quickly and development move on more quickly.I don't know how you went about developing the A/Pilot and I couldn't find any threads about future features so excuse me if I am talking out of turn but I and I am sure others would like to be involved in the process in terms of features for the next version, writing code and testing. Would that be practical?So here is a feature I would like to see:A setup facility for the A/Pilot so that parameters could be configured in an application that then get uploaded to say the EEPROM. I have trouble tweaking about with the source code to make parameter changes (it is too easy to change the wrong parameter).regards Peter
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    EEPROM is very limited.
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    That's a good idea, and a forum member did create such an app for version 2.1 (when the variables were still in the code and it was more necessary to shield people from that complexity). Now that the configuration variables are in a standalone file, it's an even simpler matter to create an app that is a GUI interface to that, perhaps with some guidance on allowable range and the intended effect of changes. It's not a high priority for Jordi and me, and we'd love it if someone here would take that on.
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