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arashi commented on Mark's blog post Solid State, High Current Isolation Switch - New Product
"I used a Mosfet to accomplish this several years ago to eliminate parasitic losses while perching.What are the heat sink requirements?I always found that using a solid state switch is much safer than a plug, or mechanical toggle.  The beauty is that…"
Jun 13, 2014
arashi replied to Joe Chello's discussion Artificial horizon going nuts over 3DR Radio only (SOLVED)
"Which APM hardware are you using?"
Dec 28, 2013
arashi replied to peter christian's discussion 10000mah Battery capacity - seriously?
"I can vouch for the maxamps ones.  I have several 4S 11ah ones and they live up to the specs."
May 17, 2013
arashi replied to Elijah Wood's discussion Increasing flight time
"@Nano -
With a 2kg quad, 11ah 4s battery, NX 4006 530kv motors, and APC 14x4.7 props,  I was getting a reliable 35 minutes of flight time in actual flying conditions.
The battery did cost $300 though.  Since I was carrying a lot of extra (non…"
Apr 8, 2013
arashi commented on Nick Weber's blog post My Techpod Nears Completion!
"What motor/prop combo did you use?"
Mar 24, 2013
arashi commented on John C.'s blog post 25% Discount at Our New Store (Now Offline)
"Worked for me."
Mar 1, 2013
arashi commented on ARHEXA's blog post Compatibility list of the 6-Position Mode Switch
"(2) Turnigy 9x's running er9x.  Works fine."
Oct 8, 2012
arashi commented on Chris Anderson's blog post CanberraUAV (ArduPlane) wins Outback Challenge!
"Congratulations, you earned it!"
Oct 8, 2012
arashi commented on crystal garris's blog post 3 days to go, $15,000 to raise. Its fly or die baby!
"Thank you Wayne for all of the effort you have invested in this project.
Can't wait to get mine!"
Sep 19, 2012
arashi commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ATMOS, a VTOL plane with autonomous transitioning from vertical to horizontal
"The ATMOS team was using a modified Quadshot controller and the Paparazzi GCS.
I witnessed the Quadshot team at Defcon 2011 doing transitions, but under RC control.  Maybe the key is "autonomous" transition.ATMOS probably would have come closest to…"
Sep 4, 2012
arashi commented on Earl's blog post Balloon #6 7-27-12 OOPS !
What is the expected drop altitude?
Are you using an RC control link also?"
Jul 30, 2012
arashi commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post Hobbyking Super Simple Mini OSD
"Yes, I believe you just push the little white button to change position of the data on the screen.

Sorry, it is the E-OSD and G-OSD that is reprogrammable with an usbasp.http://code.google.com/p/cl-osd/wiki/Programming…"
Jul 14, 2012
arashi commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post Hobbyking Super Simple Mini OSD
"My problem with them is that I went to mainly 4s batteries and they don't handle them.
Flash them and get all kinds of new functionality.
Jul 14, 2012
arashi commented on Nicolas Brieger's blog post Digital FPV with X8
"Nice, what kind of range to you get with the wifi camera?"
Jun 28, 2012
arashi commented on arashi's blog post My Arducopter UAVforge competition entry
"DARPA just released the cleared photos and videos of the event.  They can be seen here.http://www.uavforge.net/uavhtml/flyoff"
Jun 27, 2012
arashi commented on Max Levine's blog post Now we know why NASA projects are so expensive :)
"Maybe we should outsource Mars robot transport to the Russians too."
Jun 26, 2012