3 days to go, $15,000 to raise. Its fly or die baby!

Hey everyone,

3689478341?profile=originalI'm sure most of you  have heard about the techpod and the kickstarter campaign I just want to give one more shout out here for help. Its been a long journey getting to this day. I lot of you have been following and supporting the development of the techpod for years. The countless hours of designing, building and flying seem compressed into just a few moments. I know this will be a success heck I just got a $10,000 backer on Saturday. I think bigger things are on the way. I am going to have a very large amount of airplanes soon and I am going to need some help getting Techpods into peoples hands.I just want to take a moment and thank everyone who has supported the project .thanks to all the people who encouraged me through out the years. Thanks to everyone who help to get the word out. Thanks to all me friends and family who have surrounded me and made me strong. Thanks to Chris Anderson and the rest of the diydrones community for giving me a place to express myself and to learn and grow beyond what I thought was possible. Thanks to my wife for putting up with all my crazy ideas. And most of all Thanks to my mom the hardest working person I have ever met.

love you all!


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  • Congrats!! I see you've gone and done it... full funding! And then some :-)

  • 100KM


     you bet and I will continue to take pre-orders as well and a exciting new product too.


    I will have the store up tuesday.



  • 100KM


     you got that right, a lot of sales work. The majority of pledges came from right here. ;-) . you guys rock! Jack , you rock! thanks for all your wicked posts that draw so many people here. love your stuff. want a techpod?


  • Will you be selling the Techpod on a website after you provide them to everyone who pledged?

  • That took a lot of sales work, beyond just developing the product or relying on kickstarter to generate traffic.  At least it didn't require t-shirts or your own funding, like a lot of them.  Now that the minimum amount is satisfied, the next step is seeing who actually pays up.

  • 100KM

    hey every one meet my web dev SEO guru zak.check his stuff out.

    love you to man!

  • love you wayne

  • That's inspiring!!!  Awesome!  Stuff it Mr. Moneybags, lol.

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  • Congrats wayne! With the obvious effort you've put into your project, you deserve to get the funding.. Great job to you and everyone that helped along the way.

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