Oakland, CA

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Masters student in the geography department of San Francisco State University

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I want to establish a model for low cost UAV remote sensing that can be adopted by other under-funded departments.



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peter christian commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Commercial drones are legal in the US, court rules [UPDATE: FAA appeals]
"Is it just me or does AB1327 seem to ruin any chance of using UAVs for research or environmental monitoring because you have to destroy all data after 6 month? We can now deliver you a burrito but the park service can't keep pictures of post…"
Mar 7, 2014
peter christian commented on Patrick Egan's blog post California Call To Action
"Patrick, the bill contains the requirement that data be destroyed after 6 months. How can we set up environmental monitoring programs if we can't keep a record? Am I misreading this or does the bill pretty much preclude UAV use for research? Also,…"
Mar 7, 2014
peter christian posted a discussion
Hello UAV folk,It’s a sad day. One minute it was running through an auto mission (the second run on the same flight plan minus 10m) taking pictures of an eroded gully, the next it just seemed to lose its will to fly and slumped over, falling out of…
Oct 31, 2013
peter christian replied to Hugues's discussion Battery voltage monitor in Mission planner does not work ? in ArduCopter User Group
"I was recently flying and the percent battery% indicator quickly dropped while the hex was on the ground to near 0%. The voltage is also way lower than what it is in reality. I am a newb so I assumed I was doing something wrong but maybe not."
Aug 10, 2013
peter christian replied to peter christian's discussion 10000mah Battery capacity - seriously?
"This is great info. I am working on my thesis and have to figure out where best to spend my grant money. It sounds like I should spend it on more batteries and some carbon props."
May 17, 2013
peter christian posted a discussion
Hey all,I've been considering the battery capacity/flight time/weight problem. While working my way through far too many threads on the subject I came across a few batteries of note.This one from a sketchy looking website that is not LiPo:4S 14.8V…
May 12, 2013
peter christian posted a discussion
Hey all,I have been scouring this site and others for a commercial, 2 axis camera gimbal for pics at nadir (vertical). This is for photogrammetry. If one is not available, do you guys know of a gimbal that is easily modified? I have a deadline or I…
Apr 29, 2013
peter christian replied to peter christian's discussion Crash troubleshooting methods
"Update: I am testing it post crash. I armed and put the motors at full throttle (without props). Sometimes the motors will lose power, dropping to < 50%. When I power down I am unable to re-arm. This happens ever 3rd or 4th time."
Apr 16, 2013
peter christian posted a discussion
Hey all. I am a newb who just had his first non-minor crash.I would love help on this specific crash but I am also looking for advice on troubleshooting steps to take after my many future, inevitable crashes :)On to how I broke my baby.I am flying a…
Apr 14, 2013