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CanberraUAV (ArduPlane) wins Outback Challenge!


Congrats to Tridge and the CanberraUAV team for winning the 2012 Outback Challenge! The official results have just been posted:

Search & Rescue competition - FINAL SCORES In the end Canberra UAV were clear winners, finding Joe and making it...


Tridge and CanberraUAV team are core ArduPlane developers and the UAV is flown by an APM 2 autopilot. So proud of Tridge and the team! No doubt a full report of how it went will be coming soon.

[UPDATE: The ultimate goal of the Outback Challenge is to drop a water bottle near Outback Joe (the dummy on the ground in the picture above), and no team accomplished that this year (the CanberraUAV bottle got stuck). So although CanberraUAV won easily on points this year, the ultimate challenge still remains for future competitions.] 

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  • i would like to build one do you have some plans ?

  • Good job guys ;)

  • Good Jobs Guys :D Congratulationss

  • Congratulations!!!


  • Congratulations, you earned it!

  • Developer


    Unfortunately I really do need a tlog. Can you try to reproduce it? If not, I can suggest several possible causes for this problem, but I can only really tell you which one is the true cause if I have a telemetry log file to analyze.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • Huge congratulations guys! Awesome job.

  • Hi Tridge !

    In less than one minute of the initial video time, it can bee seen, log got deleted, just observe altitude in auto take off and see how it drops due to throtle cut for some time at time when desired take off altitude reached and the plane just turns towards the very first waypoint.


    Regards, Rana

  • Developer

    Hi Rana,

    The plane was running 2.65 with a couple of minor mods, but nothing to do with auto takeoff.

    There are a number of possible reasons why your plane may descend after it reaches takeoff altitude. The most likely is that you have not reached your cruising airspeed and the plane is trying to gain speed. If you post a tlog showing the problem I can have a look and maybe offer some suggestions on fixing the issue.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • Congratulations to the whole APM dev. team ! Was it Arduplane_2.65 ? If yes, did you do some alterations in the take off code ? This I am asking that when AP2.65 takes off in auto and takes turn to the very first WP, it cuts the thotle for some time, during which the altitude drops quite a lot and if take off altitude is sett to say 20mts then it is most likely that the plane will touch the ground or crash during this time.


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