My Techpod Nears Completion!

i think i'm going to fly this one as a motor glider, we've got an autopilot and servos for another one on the way so i think i'll build another for a downward facing camera. i've just started a full time job though so i won't have all day every day to devote to this. i'll get the pan tilt video done soon but it will be a few days yet. sorry!





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  • Thanks, guys. As I'm nearing completion, the next question I have is how the bay doors and gimbal are supposed to assemble? Maybe just a photo of the bay doors open and closed, and the gimbal assembled mounted to servos would be enough.

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    on the spar

  • its right on the spar in the center of the spar cap

  • Where's the center of gravity on the techpod? I'm trying to finish mine up, but I can't find a figure for this.

  • suppo 2826\4 and i have an 11x8 cam carbon folder i plan to use but i havent tested it yet

  • What motor/prop combo did you use?

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     The wing flex is by design. but I do understand your concerns. If you want a bit stiffer wing you can cover the bottom with laminate  material. I have some on hand and can send you some. I guess I spend to much time with the 787;-). Here is a very interesting blog about wing flex.


    less flexible = more weight. the TP frame with motor and servos comes in at about 2.75 lbs. I have flown it at 7lbs. thats a 1.5 air frame to payload ratio. 

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    I maidened my Techpod today. The kit was very high quality and went together great. Flew great too - much better than the 1.68m skywalker (most comparable plane I have experience with) in all aspects. My only complaint is too much flex in the wing. This is a very long, thin wing and all the strength comes from the carbon tube that runs from the root almost to the tip. I wish that carbon tube was a bit stiffer, as the wing does flex quite a bit under load. I'm confident it won't break - Nick and Wayne demonstrate that spar holding an enormous load in one of their blog posts - but the wing flex as you bank into a tight turn or pull out of a moderate dive looks and feels a bit awkward. That issue aside this is an excellent aircraft.

  • I`ve been called a horses arse before,never the head.

  • yeah, 10ft tall wayne makes it look tiny. it's a solid 9 foot wingspan, i can barely put it together in my bedroom and still get out the door.

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