Portland, OR

About Me:

I'm a software engineer living in Portland, OR.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I'm a developer on the ArduPilot Mega project.

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Pat Hickey commented on Chris Anderson's blog post DARPA uses ArduCopter to develop new control software to reduce vulnerability of unmanned systems to cyber attack
"As the article and Robert said, we've submitted enhancements back to the APM codebase, spending lots of time working with Tridge and other maintainers to get the AP_HAL code into the APM trunk. We're proud to be an active part of the APM developer…"
Aug 20, 2013
Pat Hickey commented on Gareth's blog post Build your own Autopilot - tutorial
"Make sure you have the APM project version of Arduino if you're using code based on the AP_HAL. The HAL depends on some changes to the Arduino IDE to work properly.
You can download the IDE for mac and windows here:…"
Aug 1, 2013
Pat Hickey commented on Petrus Botha's blog post APM Planner Automation
"If you want to send mavlink messages to guide arduplane to some position defined by your sensors, perhaps start with Mavproxy, a simple command line GCS. It is easy to extend Mavproxy with modules written in python. Look at the sample module for…"
Jun 28, 2013
Pat Hickey commented on Colin Doolittle's blog post Open-source computer-vision module developed for MAVProxy
"Great work Colin and team!
You forgot to attach a photo, here's one I had from your talk. (The webcam is rotated forwards in this picture, in operation it faces down.)"
Jun 21, 2013
Pat Hickey commented on Joshua Ott's blog post Drone Con today
"My slides from earlier are available:
And, I haven't watched it yet, but it appears there is a recording available here:

Jun 7, 2013
Pat Hickey commented on Nick Weber's blog post My Techpod Nears Completion!
"I maidened my Techpod today. The kit was very high quality and went together great. Flew great too - much better than the 1.68m skywalker (most comparable plane I have experience with) in all aspects. My only complaint is too much flex in the wing.…"
Mar 23, 2013
Pat Hickey commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post As-small-as-possible "follow-me"-box, "ArduBeacon"
"Hi Stefan,
I made a working prototype of this basic idea a few months ago, but I haven't had the time to maintain the code, and nobody else has picked it up. Are you interested in picking up where I left off?…"
Jan 2, 2013
Pat Hickey commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Raspberry Pi Quadcopter
"He's timing the IO and control loop using a Linux user space timer signal. It isn't hard real time but it is apparently good enough when the processor has enough spare cycles. PWM input and output use an external PIC microcontroller. Kudos to…"
Dec 1, 2012
Pat Hickey commented on Chris Anderson's blog post CanberraUAV (ArduPlane) wins Outback Challenge!
"Congratulations Tridge! With all of your hard work on ArduPlane, this success is well deserved!"
Oct 2, 2012
Pat Hickey commented on Sandro Benigno's blog post Why FRSky CPPM signal is so disappointing. [UPDATED]
"I've got many hundreds of dollars invested in FRSKY equipment, and I've recommended it to friends. Unless we can get a fix for this, I'll be looking for alternatives."
Sep 24, 2012
Pat Hickey commented on Pat Hickey's blog post New Demo of Mavelous, the mobile Mavlink GCS
"I'm not sure why I had to double-tap on the screen twice to get that first waypoint to work, but occasionally the  double-tap detection does fail- its not perfect yet, and I hope we can improve it. I'm still learning JavaScript as I go along, so…"
Jul 24, 2012
Pat Hickey posted a blog post
John Wiseman and I have been working on the browser-based frontend for Mavproxy which he announced a few weeks ago. Here's a new demo video I made controlling an ArduCopter:Heres a screenshot of the new and improved user interface with PFD:We're…
Jul 23, 2012
Pat Hickey commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Just one month to go before the Sparkfun AVC (and the DIY Drones multicopter rodeo!)
"I'll be there."
May 16, 2012
Pat Hickey commented on Simone Chiaretta's blog post The Towel, a super-cheap airframe from The Brooklyn Aerodrome (via Make Magazine)
"A friend and I built one last weekend out of 5mm coroplast. It is easy to build, but there's not much else desirable about it. One issue is that a single layer of coroplast will flex too much without any reinforcement, and if you use tape hinges for…"
May 7, 2012
Pat Hickey commented on John Leichty's blog post SparkFun Announces 2012 AVC
"I'll be there, but I guess I'd better switch from focusing on ArduCopter to ArduPlane!"
Dec 15, 2011
Pat Hickey commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post First ArduPlane flights with APM2
"Great work Tridge!
Here's the counterpart ArduCopter code flying for the first time. I've also taken it out flying at the local park, and successfully used loiter mode, but this is the only video I have at the moment."
Dec 4, 2011