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    I'm not sure why I had to double-tap on the screen twice to get that first waypoint to work, but occasionally the  double-tap detection does fail- its not perfect yet, and I hope we can improve it. I'm still learning JavaScript as I go along, so I've probably made some mistakes.

    We can probably experiment with bumping the HUD datarate to the full 10hz it is sent over Mavlink at. Right now the individual HTTP requests take about 4 to 6ms roundtrip, so we might not be able to sustain more than 10hz without changing the incoming mavlink stream to work over websockets.

  • The update rate is currently 4 Hz, and I haven't experimented yet with other values.  This doesn't seem like something that needs to run particularly fast, though I think it could probably approach 30-60 Hz with some tweaking (maybe not on an iPhone).

    The protocol is HTTP, so some people probably consider it lightweight and others consider it heavyweight, but I'm sure it can handle an update rate of more than 4 Hz.  If higher update rates are desired it would be easy to use the WebSocket protocol with its much lower overhead.

    As far as touch input performance goes, I expect it does suffer from being an HTML app vs. a native app, in the same way that Facebook's current HTML-based app sometimes feels pokey.  This may be an unavoidable price to pay in the portable HTML vs. less portable native app tradeoff.

  • It's definitely the kind of thing that's good at getting a job.  It just seems a bit slow & the screen took a few tries before it took the input.  Is that the browser update rate or the protocol?

  • Wiki Ninja

    Good job! Next step is to buy a tablet and a 3DR radio. Whew! This getting real expensive, lol. I would like to try this on my APM 1.4 equipped Skywalker. BTW, data and telemetry are just dependent on the range of the 3DR radio? Correct me if I'm wrong. 

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    With this release what Android device to buy? My G1 is really out of date. Too many choices.

  • Yes, it runs on Android phones & tablets.  It will run on anything with a web browser.

    Yes, multiple clients can all be connected simultaneously and add waypoints (well, a single waypoint--there's no mission editing yet, just double clicking to fly to a location).

    John, the README at might help you understand the pieces and how they fit together.

    multi-platform ground station for drones that speak the MAVLink protocol - wiseman/mavelous
  • Sounds cool but you really need a better video to show exactly whats going on with the software and how everything is linked together. I had a hard time following the video.

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    Andoid GCS FTW. Lets see more of it running on the smaller phone :D

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    Awesome stuff!!  If multiple clients are connected ( one on laptop and another on a phone), are both able to add waypoints and commands at the same time? 

  • can this run on ANDROID tablet PC?

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