SparkFun Announces 2012 AVC


SparkFun just announced next year's Autonomous Vehicle Competition, an autonomous race around their building in Boulder, Colorado. The 2012 event will be held on Saturday, June 16 (later in the year than the last few times, to avoid inclement weather).

As in previous years, there will be two competitions: ground vehicles and air vehicles. The biggest change is that this year they won't be allowing any multicopters or helis in the air category due to safety concerns.

Check out the news posting here and the rules and entry here.

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  • Developer

    It's shaping up that we might have a quad and copter course on Sunday. Anyone interested?

  • Moderator

    Sounds like DIYDrones  needs to sponsor a quad event at a near by ball park...  Of course, timing would need allow folks to travel between sites to allow competition in both events...

  • It's too bad this conflicts with the AUVSI UAS competition, otherwise I'd be interested in entering. Good luck to those who go.

  • Developer

    That's terrible news.  I was even toying with taking some time off ahead of it to make sure my heli was ready.

    I under stand their concern, I'd thought a lot about the danger..I was going to hand out those big red big baseball bats to people so they could protect themselves.

    I really really think they need to reconsider..perhaps a venu change..perhaps around the building is not the best choice..maybe a nearby field with some pylons...and you could still launch the quads together like they do with the cars...what would be cool..certainly nobody's ever seen an autonomous quad race before..


  • Developer

    I'll be there, but I guess I'd better switch from focusing on ArduCopter to ArduPlane!

  • I better get get working on ArduRover since theres no more quads!

  • Distributor

    That is a shame that Jason does not get a chance so show off the improvements with arducopter over the last year :( It would be better if they could allow multi copters with a protective frame around it?  Despite this it will still be an interesting event!

  • Developer

    Totally bummed about the quad rule. I can see heli's, but quads... :(

  • Yes, on the hand it's pity that copters are now allowed, but on the other - safety first.

    Good luck you Doug and all DIYDrones team, I'll cheer for you!

  • It is a shame that copters are not allowed but I fully support sparkfuns excellent decision. I hope that one day we find a way to make copters safer. Good luck Doug you deserve to win :)

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