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  • Hi Folks,

    most of you should be interested in Skysense Planner - an Open-source Web Mission Planner for MAVLink Drones, including ADS-B aircraft tracking and Geofence management:


    Get early access to demos, code and samples at

    Comments and discussion at


    Michele @ Skysense Inc.

  • Hi all,

    Mavelous was setup today with a UDB4/MatrixPilot, xbee radios, and an XPlane simulator running a HiLSIM. Here is a video showing the setup, simulated flight, and real time Mavelous tracking.

    Integration of Mavelous into this system was easy, and its operation was responsive and excellent. Thanks again to the Mavelous team!

    There's one question, however, related to the movement of the Mavelous attitude indicator in response to roll maneuvers. The attitude indicator movements appear to be reversed in roll. Can the Mavelous team please take a look at the video and comment on whether you're seeing this same behavior? The cause is TBD -- perhaps I screwed up and the problem is peculiar to my setup, or maybe there's a UDB integration issue. We're just trying to figure it out, so your thoughts would be helpful. Note that there's a banked left turn at around 8:15 in the video that's shows a good example of what I'm referring to.

    Thanks again for the great software!

    Best regards,


  • Developer


    tested mavelous today with my APMrover on the bench and think it's great.

    thanks for the work. keep it up!

  • Thanks for your help, John. Mavelous is now running now on my MacBook. It's connected to the UDB4 running MatrixPilot 3.3. Here's a short video showing the setup and operation.

    Thanks for Mavelous. It's very cool!
  • Philip, you need to install the serial module for Python.  Please see

  • Nice, can't wait to try this out....congrats on a great solution!

  • Hi John,

    I could use some help overcoming a problem running mavproxy. After following the instructions posted here...

    ...I get the following error.

    bash-3.2$ python --master=/dev/ttyUSB0 --baud=57600
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 12, in <module>
        import serial, Queue, select
    ImportError: No module named serial

    How is this resolved?



    multi-platform ground station for drones that speak the MAVLink protocol - wiseman/mavelous
  • There's making sense and there's making it happen.  We've chosen the latter :) is littered with posts about using iPads and iPhones to control ardupilot-based drones, but this post by Pat is the first time it's been done (as far as I know).  And it doesn't require you to buy a new, specialized piece of hardware.  It's free.

    Now that we've done it, we'll definitely be looking at expanding the options on how to run it.  And we welcome your help; full source code is at

  • I wonder if this little gizmo could connect directly to 3dr radio and we could get telemetry on an iPad by wifi?

  • Really cool John and Pat! 

    Can't wait to try it!  

    Dan Gray

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