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I love astronomy and RC flying

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Portland, Oregon

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Dan Gray replied to Knut Graf's discussion Could use log analysis help.
"Hi Knut,
I looked at your log file, and I think I have a couple of clues.
Whenever you went to RTL, it looks like the copter started returning in every case, but the last time it did something interesting.
One explanation would be that you put some…"
Oct 16, 2012
Dan Gray replied to Silvio's discussion Free fall from 600 Meters
"Hi Silvio,
It looks like the APM rebooted.
There's 5 minutes missing from the GPS log, plus a lot of stuff that looks like a re-boot, right during your crash.

It would be good if you could turn on your motors for logging, it's easier to see what's…"
Oct 15, 2012
Dan Gray replied to alex corbett's discussion Learning how to analyse logs
"Hi Alex, I had a look at your log using APMLogVisualizer version 1.34L, and found that in all probability, a motor failed OR your battery was low enough for one of the ESC's to shut down, OR less likely, one more possibility, your gyro failed in…"
Sep 20, 2012
Dan Gray replied to Patrick Dudley's discussion Landing with GPS/Sonar APM2.0
"There's a new bug in 2.7.3, the last "waypoint" command is never executed.  Simply put two "land" commands at the end.  It will execute the first one, but not the second.
If you configure your Mission Planner to use speech, you will hear "Heading to…"
Sep 20, 2012
Dan Gray posted a discussion
Hi all,I've made a larger sized quad, and put larger motors on it, and larger ESC's.I learned at great cost about some ESC's.  I'm hoping to save you money should you be looking for ESC's for APM diydrone products.  Here's my saga for those…
Sep 17, 2012
Dan Gray replied to André Romsi's discussion Compass interference, how do I get rid of it?
"I've had a lot of problems stemming from the magnetic compass, and they were all related to ESC's or power wiring being too close to the APM2 magnetic sensor.

Moving the APM2 away from ANY motor or ESC current has ALWAYS solved my problems.

Sep 16, 2012
Dan Gray posted a discussion
Hi All,My ESC saga continues. I need them by tomorrow, so can't wait until china ships.  No stores here in portland have the 50 amp ESC's I need.Does anybody have a recommendation of a store with a large stock here in the U.S.?I could have them…
Sep 13, 2012
Dan Gray posted a discussion
Hi all,I'm using a Turnigy Trust 55A ESC (well, trying to use) ESC.http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=... my O-Scope, I can see the PWM output of the APM2, and it's 490 hertz or so, but the pulse widths are the…
Sep 11, 2012
Dan Gray replied to marc.kulhavy's discussion Worst Crash ever, Log analysis needed!
"Hi Marc
I looked at your video, and your log file using APMLogVisualizer 1.34, and I've determined that your roll but mainly pitch sensors failed mid flight.
I wish you had logged your motors, you need to turn them on using the CLI, but even without…"
Sep 8, 2012
Dan Gray replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.7.2/2.7.3 released
"Hi all,
I've had great testing today of 2.7.3, everything seems to work including conditional_yaw.

The only thing that didn't work was the ROI command in my mission.  Stands for Region of Interest. 
I was able to hold the yaw position in version…"
Sep 8, 2012
Dan Gray replied to John Hanson's discussion 2.7.2 Epsilon ROCKS!
"John, what was the wind doing between the two missions?
The 2.7.2 is very impressive, I'm looking forward to trying it.

Aug 31, 2012
Dan Gray replied to Richard Boyhan's discussion Spectacular Crash
"Hi Richard,
As for your question 5, you can load and look at parameters of your flash log file using the tools built into the CLI of mission planner, click on the "log browse", however, I suggest you use my program, APMLogVisualizer version 1.34, it…"
Aug 25, 2012
Dan Gray commented on Dan Gray's blog post Oregon Star Party Aerial Video from my Quad
"Gerard, thanks for the suggestion.  That frame was my "learning" frame, and I crashed it MANY times, which is why it's bent.  I have a new frame now, just starting to test it out.
Carl,  Yes, I built all the scopes (the LRT and the 28 inch) except,…"
Aug 23, 2012
Dan Gray replied to UAS_Pilot's discussion Quad Fell from the sky
"Hi Joseph,
I figured out EXACTLY what happened.  You can see it clearly using your log file 2012-07-15 22-03 2.log and APMLogVisualizer version 1.34.

Don't feel bad, I made a similar mistake and crashed my copter, but it was almost for sure,…"
Aug 23, 2012
Dan Gray commented on Dan Gray's blog post Oregon Star Party Aerial Video from my Quad
"There were about 600 folks there including children, probably 200 scopes is a good guess.  I had 3 setups.  A small scope called PoleDancer, a medium scope called "The LRT" stands for "the little red telescope", which is a 16 inch push around scope,…"
Aug 21, 2012
Dan Gray replied to DT's discussion APM OUTPUT TO MOTOR WEIRD TUNING GRAPH
"That can happen if you start it before the magnetic sensor has settled out.
Aug 21, 2012