ArduCopter 2.7.2/2.7.3 released

Arducopter 2.7.2 is now in the mission planner and in the downloads area Some positive reports on testing can be found in this discusssion by John Hanson.

Note: just as the release was going out an issue was found re support for the all Camera Gimbals on the APM1s (it doesn't work) and with 3 axis gimbals on the APM2 (2-axis works ok but not 3).  If you're one of these people, please wait for 2.7.3 which will be out shortly. 


UPDATE: 2.7.3 is now in the Mission Planner


Functional Improvements over 2.7.1:

  • Fast waypoints (Jason) - if the turn angle between two waypoint the copter is less than 60 degrees it does not slow down
  • Navigation improvements and logging including switching to filtered location for distance calculations (jason)
  • Flip improvements - more aggressive and flexible flip code based on attitude instead of timing (Jason)
  • Improved camera control - you can now control any axis (roll, tilt, pan) with any rc channel.  it probably makes most sense that you will use 6 but others are possible too.  Unfortunately these changes required we change the set-up procedure so the mission planner gimbal set-up screen needs to be modified again.  Please refer to the AC_Camera wiki page for how to manually set-up the gimbal (Amilcar)
  • Flybar acro mode for TradHeli (Robert)
  • "Fast gains" - allows strong correction of attitude using accelerometers while the quad is stationary on the ground but relies more on gyros while flying (Tridge, Jason)
  • Baro filtering improvements (Tridge)


Bug Fixes:

  • DMP timing fix (Randy) - the MPU6000's dmp unit was inadvertantly turned on and caused timing delays in the main loop- xbee bricking issue (Craig / Tridge)
  • Dataflash fixes (Jason)
  • Engine ticking - was a combination of roll/pitch rate D term being too high and the dmp timing fix above (Randy, Emile)
  • Faster heading correction on start-up - resolves issue with simple mode getting incorrect heading if you took off very soon after start-up (Tridge)

Code Cleanup:

  • Increased maximum number parameters (Tridge)
  • Formatting changes to code (Pat)
  • Replaced "int" with "int16_t" everywhere (Randy)

As per usual PIDs are optimised for the 3DR/Jdrones quad with 850 motors and 10" props. If you're using more powerful motors/props and are seeing bad flight behaviour in stabilize, start by turning down Rate Roll P in 25% steps.

There is still some question on whether the default Roll/Pitch Rate P (0.175) is high enough (it was 0.185 in 2.7.1) and also some people feel the Throttle Rate should be higher (currently 0.300 but some say 0.330 or even much higher would be better).

Please feel free to report issues you find in the discussion below and/or add them to the issues list.

Thanks and enjoy!

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  • We are having very exciting flights with the arducopter.  We are currently flying in autonomous mode and easily able to navigate waypoints.

    Here is my problem.  We are flying at 8 M/sec Nav.  If your waypoint has a 90 degree turn, the copter stops very hard and turns.  It there a way to smoot out the turns.  I am afraid the props are going to fly off!!!

  • Got out to film a quick mission, link here:


    I'm running a 3DR hexa on APM 1 with a ublox gps and lots of assorted video and control goodies and mods.  880 motors w/ 12-45 props on 3s2p 3700mah.

    Onboard recording camera (2 of 2) is a gopro2.





  • Developer

    ArduCopter 2.8 has been released!  So everybody over to this thread! :-)

  • I noticed that 2.7.4 will solve the 'climb on yaw' problem. Today I noticed during the first flight of my Octo (2.7.3) an actual, 'yaw on descend problem'. Is that likely to be solved too? 

  • I'm have question about DMP in source code.

    #define DMP_ENABLED ENABLED and #define SECONDARY_DMP_ENABLED ENABLED , What're have effect and what're can couple define in program? 

    Thank you


  • small question for AC developers

    i look  git AC 274 code 

    how throttle_avg  work?

    in file arducopter pde in " void update_throttle_mode(void)" in each call executed reset avg value
    static float throttle_avg = 0; // this is initialised to g.throttle_cruise later

    then in bottom

    // ensure throttle_avg has been initialised
    if( throttle_avg == 0 ) {
    throttle_avg = g.throttle_cruise;
    // calc average throttle
    if ((g.rc_3.control_in > g.throttle_min) && abs(climb_rate) < 60) {
    throttle_avg = throttle_avg * .99 + (float)g.rc_3.control_in * .01;
    g.throttle_cruise = throttle_avg;
    as result g.throttle_cruise may be changed only to 1 percent from previous
    value per call

    why need a check "if( throttle_avg == 0 )" ?
    throttle_avg always zero 

  • Developer

    ArduCopter 2.8.0 Final is in the air... :-)
    A little preview... stay tuned!
    Warning: multirotor is not a toy, do not try to emulate me!

    Bests, Marco

  • Well, I just took one for the team. :(

    I was testing the 2.7.4 Epsilon, really thrashing it pretty hard in Stabilize mode.  Fast Forward with full simultaneous roll and yaw inputs.  It actually was doing pretty amazing.  Turning on a dime, literally.  Wish I had video.

    But I guess I was flying too hard, one of the propellers exploded and it came down fast upside-down on concrete , smashed all the electronics, and at least two motors.


  • Developer

    Release update: we found a small issue in the earth-frame to body frame conversion which appeared in some extreme maneuvers (I never personally noticed it).  So now we're up to Epsilon in the downloads area!


    My guess is that this will be the last testing version before release.  Apologies to the 37 people who downloaded Delta a few hours ago!

  • Anyone using an additional ground plane with either of the GPS units? Thinking about trying a grounded copper plate between the APM/RX and such and the GPS unit. Not sure if it matters where I ground it. Ay suggestions?
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