APMLogVisualizer Version 1.34

Hi all,

The new Arducopter version  2.7 version changed the log parameters in the NTUN, so APMLogVisualiser "Choked" on version 2.7 logs.  NTUN returned many bad lines that were rejected by APMLogVisualizer.  Now it can be either 2.5.5,  2.6, or 2.7, and all log files seem to work fine.

Also, sometimes there were "BAD" gps lines, this is fixed.

Also, for the European folks, decoding a floating number without a coma works fine.

A few other improvements listed below.


In a few moments, I'm going to post the code.  I looked at Code.Google, and was intimidated, because I've never done that before.  If someone can take this over, I'd really appreciate it.

Dan Gray

Version history:

/* * Version 1.34.
Allowed for CTun version 2.7 having one less parameter
* Fixed reset of the Lat/Lon average when loading a new file, to prevent bad GPS lines
* Version 1.33.
* Fixed bug for european expecting comma's in double strings instead of periods.
* Fixed the Yaw Picture to get info from Yaw instead of Mag Sensor

* * * Version 1.32.
* Took Dereks suggestion, playback starts where you drop the slider

* * Now this is a really cool feature I thought of while using it, and wishing it were a feature:
* As you slide the slider in the graph, the main window updates using that location,
* Now that is COOOL!
* * Version 1.31.
* added a map Legend
* Added red/green for things on/off the graph
* Fixed Unknown mode returning Circle, also RTL returned circle.
* Fixed vertical scale of removed point left on screen.
* Fixed graph not working right after deleting a point


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  • I couldn't manage to run and benefit from this program.

    I did everything written in the help section.

    Enabled logs on APM2 (but there is no log named ATTITUDE and MOTORS. can not enable them. attitude_med and attitude_fast exist but no attitude only)

    But when I load log, there is nothing happening. playback moves forward but nothing on the screen.

    Please help I need this.


  • Hey Dan,


    Add a value to the graph.

    Maximise the Graph window

    Result: The graph values disappear.


    Scroll the time slider all the way to the right.

    Result: You can get it to go 1 number higher than the maximum. This is more obvious in smaller logs.

    Question: What are the black circles on the GPS path that I have seen in a few logs? Is there anything in the apps that explains them?

    Thanks again for a great app. I only abuse it because it love it :)

  • Looks good!  2.71 logs no longer have errors.  I wonder what happened to mag heading?

    I love this app, it is really helpful to debug flights - the graphs show some interesting relationships. Thanks again, Dan!

  • Moderator

    I've created and committed the code to http://code.google.com/p/apmlogvisualizer/ 

    Furthermore, I made Dan an owner of the project. People who like to contribute, report issues please use the above link.



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