Landing with GPS/Sonar APM2.0

In auto, at the end of a mission, the last waypoint being land, does not land very near where the waypoint is positioned in MP. This happens every time. Using the 3DR radio, I can see that there is good gps coverage but the quad seems to land 30 meters away from the waypoint.  I could not see how close the quad flew to the other waypoints as I lost radio coverage. I would like to get it to land within 5 meters maximum. Is this possible ?

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  • There's a new bug in 2.7.3, the last "waypoint" command is never executed.  Simply put two "land" commands at the end.  It will execute the first one, but not the second.

    If you configure your Mission Planner to use speech, you will hear "Heading to waypoint sixty five thousand five hundred and thirty five" at the end of your mission.

    Dan Gray

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