Oregon Star Party Aerial Video from my Quad


Hi all, I put on my Astronomy hat for the last week, we had a wonderful time with very dark skies at Oregon Star Party (OSP) this year. 

I brought my Quad, and made a couple of hours of aerial video.  I trimmed it to 14 minutes or so, here it is:

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  • Dan if you scroll down the Blog posts to Rigel's blog post on August 4 "Biggest Rocket Powered Quad set to land on Mars. Don't Miss out " On  page 2 at the bottom is a photo of my telescope and my Observatory on the top of page 3 is a photo of "Munroes  telescope that he built He hand ground his own mirror I am not at home so I can't post  pictures and I am not good enough with a computer to transfer the picture over here Dan your Telescopes are very impressive and after aligning the focus to less than a millionth of an inch . I can safely say any body has the precision to build a telescope they  can build anything. Munroe is quite a guy he is "The Rocket Man " and is getting ready to shoot something off of a high altitude balloon  for orbit in Sept. Just last week Munroe spear headed Sid card recovery on here What I like about Diy Drones There are really Cleaver people on here doing really Cool stuff it is the "Cutting Edge" of Tec . Each individual is unique in their own way.

  • Gerard, thanks for the suggestion.  That frame was my "learning" frame, and I crashed it MANY times, which is why it's bent.  I have a new frame now, just starting to test it out.

    Carl,  Yes, I built all the scopes (the LRT and the 28 inch) except, a customer built PoleDancer and I bought it from him.


  • Dan I have a 12 inch Newtonian reflector that I built back in the 1980's did you build ? We have  star parties here and get around 60 to 80 people with the children. that was quite a party you had there  . You can feel the energy from being around so many interesting people . I get the same energy from Diy Drones!

  • You can reduce the twitchiness by aligning the plane that the propellers rotate in better. From the photo, it appears that the arms are quite severely bent, introducing instabilities into the control mechanism.

  • There were about 600 folks there including children, probably 200 scopes is a good guess.  I had 3 setups.  A small scope called PoleDancer, a medium scope called "The LRT" stands for "the little red telescope", which is a 16 inch push around scope, and then I had a 28 inch scope that I call my al-anon scope, which is computerized.

    Here they are, LRT on left, 28 inch in middle, and towards the end of the carpet is PoleDancer.:



    Oregon Star Party August 2012
  • Wow !  That is totally cool! !how many telescopes did you have set up ? around 200? The sky looks good did you take in the meteor shower? is that a pair of 16 inch or 24's?Have a great day!

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