APM Log Visualizer Source Code

Hi all,

I'm posting the source for APMLogVisualizer version 1.34.


A few notes:

1. You can use the free version of Visual C# Express available here to compile this:


2. Please don't laugh at my code, I'm self taught!  :-)  Well, I'm good natured, so no biggy if you do!

3. I tried to figure out Code.Google.Com, and it looked like it would take some time to figure out.  I'm hoping someone here with more time can help me with this.

4. I hope all this stays with the DIYDrone Community.  If you want to use code in another project, especially the file called EngineeringGraph.cs, please email me.


Dan Gray





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  • Hi Dan,

    Thank you for this application and for sharing the code!

    I was looking for a better way of analyzing my log files and found your application.

    Have you considered adding the source code to a central repository like GitHub? If you want help improving the application it would make it a lot easier. I'm willing to help and have some ideas of new features and improvements.

    Thanks again!

  • when I click in the map, the URL being created contains "," instead of "." in the coordinates, this is due to regional settings in my computer i think, in order to avoid incorrect mapping, the url should be fixed maybe with a Latitude.ToString().Replace(',', '.') in each call.. for those who have this error here is the corrected EXE



  • Hello Dan,


    Interesting software.  I see that the app only works on .log and not .tlog files.  Are they different formats?

    What I was wondering was if the logs look the same as mavlink messages?  I have tried to decode the gps nmea data output from the mission planner in real time using the Ctrl "G" command and this works if I open a virtual com port in VB.net and capture the output.  It is ascii string data seperated by comma's and this works fine.  I convert to KML and can plot on google earth etc.


    I would like to monitor the virtual pot and read the mavlink messages directly so I looked at your code for that.   I was planning to watch the mission planner to APM communications and just decode the global position data for real position of my UAV then also get the waypoint list so that I could overlay the path on google earth as well.  The nmea strings only provide the position info.


    Any insite?







    VB.NET Shop
  • Dan, Thanks for sharing the source!

    Bill, Loads, Compiles, and runs here ok, in msvc# 2010

  • I don't think this works in 2.8.1. I get thousands of "bad line" errors when I load a log, then not all the data is there. No sonar, no barometer etc. 

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