Another 2.7.0 "Feature", Nav Throttle Problem

Obligatory YouTube Video:

Here's what happened:  The copter was heading to the northwest waypoint at 25 meters altitude.

Next it turned to the southwest heading to the next waypoint.

The altitude started dropping, and the NavThrottle was increasing as normal, clear up to 182.

The altitude was still dropping, the NavThrottle Suddenly took a dive  to 55, and started up from there.

In the meantime the copter was dropping....

Next the NavThrottle integrated to 114, and then remained flat, as the altitude dropped even farther, and I almost hit a tree, as seen in the YouTube Video.  Fortunately, I went to Stabilize, and got my copter back (after another mishap as seen in the log, which appears to be my fault!).

Darn, another bug?  a Nav Throttle Setting?

Screenshot of APMLogVisualizerGraph is attached, as well as TLOG and LOG files

Dan Gray


2012-07-31 19-52 4.log

2012-07-31 19-04-43.tlog

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  • I'm still not sure about this, but I did  download the code for 2.7.1, and figured out about the throttle_cruise variable.

    This should be set when the copter is hovering, and it automatically sets it when you switch from stabilize to other modes, for instance auto (under certain conditions).

    Mine was being set too low, because I was barely spinning the propellers, then hit the auto button, and used the auto TakeOff command to get it to rise in the air.

    Now my procedure is give it LOTS of throttle, as it's rising, hit auto.  Then the throttle_cruise is set higher.  

    Well, I think I'm right anyway....

    Hey, this helps in the landing too, it doesn't drop like a rock at the end!


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