2.7.2 Epsilon ROCKS!

I have not had luck with versions past 2.6 until I loaded 2.7.2 Epsilon - WOW - the twitches are gone!

Even with default pids ( apm2, ublox, quad) flying was as smooth as can be. I did up Alt Hold P to .8 and thrust rate P to .6 because default let the copter sink when I turned on alt hold, but upping these values has fixed that - the hold is very responsive and will track terrain exactly.


I really liked 2.6 and ran many missions with good luck using it. I kept thinking that the next version would probably just have minor differeces. I was wrong - Jason and crew have raised the bar another order of magnitude!

For instance, here is a little 6 waypoint mission run several times under 2.6-


It hits all the waypoints and stays fairly close to the path. I thought this would be hard to improve, but now the same mission with 2.7.2 Epsilon-



Now it turns sharply and is amazing to watch - it is a robot with a real purpose now. The landing accuracy is almost scary. Watching it run at night as the leds streak across the sky is a rush.

One more round of applause for the team!

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  • Developer

    John are you flying a stock 3dr quad?

  • 3D Robotics

    Awesome test report! Many thanks for sharing that. The dev team is just working on the best default param settings for standard frames, and then I think we'll be ready to push it to the MP as a public release. 

  • Cool stuff. I've been very happy ever since 2.6 honestly.  This thing is very solid now.  There's a lot of people who will never buy it, thinking that dropping $1000+ on something closed source is better.  Too bad for them.

    Now if I can just get the darn Trad Helis working better!  The flight code is ready, we just need the AHRS to be more vibration resistant. 

  • John, what was the wind doing between the two missions?

    The 2.7.2 is very impressive, I'm looking forward to trying it.


  • Developer
    I basically had the summer off and spent a lot of time building a flash simulator so I could work through every detail of the higher level flight code.
    That and the work Randy, Tridge, Robert, etc did on the internals. It's been a great effort.
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Aug 25