I have not had luck with versions past 2.6 until I loaded 2.7.2 Epsilon - WOW - the twitches are gone!

Even with default pids ( apm2, ublox, quad) flying was as smooth as can be. I did up Alt Hold P to .8 and thrust rate P to .6 because default let the copter sink when I turned on alt hold, but upping these values has fixed that - the hold is very responsive and will track terrain exactly.


I really liked 2.6 and ran many missions with good luck using it. I kept thinking that the next version would probably just have minor differeces. I was wrong - Jason and crew have raised the bar another order of magnitude!

For instance, here is a little 6 waypoint mission run several times under 2.6-

It hits all the waypoints and stays fairly close to the path. I thought this would be hard to improve, but now the same mission with 2.7.2 Epsilon-


Now it turns sharply and is amazing to watch - it is a robot with a real purpose now. The landing accuracy is almost scary. Watching it run at night as the leds streak across the sky is a rush.

One more round of applause for the team!

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I basically had the summer off and spent a lot of time building a flash simulator so I could work through every detail of the higher level flight code.
That and the work Randy, Tridge, Robert, etc did on the internals. It's been a great effort.

I've got to try the new code out this weekend.

I'm currently running version 2.6.   Should I delete all my configuration settings before I install the new firmware ?

I did an erase- reset and it puts the defaults all in. I would start there.

John, what was the wind doing between the two missions?

The 2.7.2 is very impressive, I'm looking forward to trying it.


Cool stuff. I've been very happy ever since 2.6 honestly.  This thing is very solid now.  There's a lot of people who will never buy it, thinking that dropping $1000+ on something closed source is better.  Too bad for them.

Now if I can just get the darn Trad Helis working better!  The flight code is ready, we just need the AHRS to be more vibration resistant. 

Awesome test report! Many thanks for sharing that. The dev team is just working on the best default param settings for standard frames, and then I think we'll be ready to push it to the MP as a public release. 

John are you flying a stock 3dr quad?

Dan-  The wind was minimal both times (Chris and Jason probably don't believe it after the 'hurricane wind' quad rodeo but Colorado has finally been blessed with a few weeks of very low wind and blue skies!).  Also, I am having fun looking at the mission in your great Visualiser program - they have the mag heading fixed and it displays nicely--


Mine is based on a x525 frame-



It is very similar to a stock 3dr, I often can just leave defaults and fly. I think the biggest factor are the props you use - I can change weight over a wide range, have a bad cg, even some arm length changes and have no need to adjust pids  and the flying is good. But when I change to 12x3.8 props vs. my usual 10x4.7 (always use APC!) the flying changes dramatically and pids need adjusting.

The only defaults I always change so far are Altitude Hold P (now at .66) and Throttle Rate (now .65).

Here are the rules of thumb I use here-

Raise Alt Hold P up until it oscillates up and down doing AH, then back it off .1 or .2


If it drops going into AH, or if it lands too fast, or if it keeps coming in low to waypoints or has trouble doing an autotakeoff, raise Throttle Rate P. Once you get the right combination, terrain following with sonar will be very sharp, will rise and fall correctly and quickly. I can lay a 2x4 on the ground and it will rise 2 inches for 4 inches of flight like it rolled over the board.


A mission is a great way to test this tuning - if it does an up and down sine wave between waypoints, lower Altitude Hold P.  If it comes low and dips a lot during mission or has takeff/landing probs, raise Throttle Rate P.

Excellent info. Thanks. Copied, pasted, saved for reference!

Great info  john,

I also use x525 with 10x4.5 props.

Can you please post your params for reference.


Here is where I am now


EVEN BETTER!  Just had a chance to try tuning loiter now that I am armed with the great new 2.7.3 and the ublox gps.

I put waypoint loiter radius down from 10 to 1, Rate Loiter P to 3.4 (was 2.4) and Loiter Speed P to .3 (was .2).

I then put in a fresh 5800mah bat and started a loiter about 2m in the center above our 20' x 40' pool area.  For the first time in all these years I set the remote down and read the paper for 15 minutes  --  95% of the time it was within 1m  of the target with no altitude change and it never even got close to the edge of the pool!  The wind was light but some 4-mph gusting - whenever it would get close to 2m away it would busily start navigating back - coolest loiter ever!

Jason, this was a summer well spent!


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