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3689457455?profile=originalThe Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition is on June 16th, just a month away! Once again the DIY Drones teams will be well represented, with at least 15 people from the APM team alone coming and competing. There will be the usual barbecue at Doug Weibel's house on Friday night, so if you're coming the competition and would like to join us, please give us your name in the comments below, so we can get a headcount.  

This year only airplanes (and rovers, of course) are allowed in the official Sparkfun competition on Saturday, so we're going to run our own DIY Drones Multicopter Competition on Sunday, with a location to be announced near the Sparkfun headquarters in Boulder.  So although Sparkfun doesn't want them, bring your multicopters (and traditional helis) anyway and stick around to Sunday for an all-copter competition, with cool prizes and good fun. Please give your name in the comments below if you'd like to enter in the Sunday competition, so we can plan accordingly.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Boulder!

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  • I'll be there Friday evening, and with a rover Saturday, but won't be entering anything into the Sunday competition.

  • Data Bus and I can't wait! See ya all there.

  • Developer

    (5 seconds later) ok done - I'm in (+ 1)

  • Developer

    I am really tempted and trying to clear my schedule!

  • see you in june

  • Developer

    I'll be there.

  • I will be there with a couple of machines full FPV and video. Should be fun



  • Developer

    I'm sorry I ruined multicopters for everyone at Sparkfun... I buzzed the crowd at 6ft and I think I scared the sparkfun hosts. To be fair it was early alpha code and I did mange to make three corners of the building before anyone was in real danger.


  • Wish I could be there.  Any reason why helis and multirotors are not allowed in the competition?  My guess is the tasks would be too easy for us.

  • Count 2 here.

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