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a software developer interested in rc flying, robots and drones.

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quadrocopter in testing.

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zdebeer replied to AlexP's discussion Xbee uplink not working. Terminal mode shows garbage
"I get the same problem when going into terminal mode, the terminal screen just shows garbage, Tried pressing enter 3 times as suggested in the comments and the "mission planner" just hangs app. I am using the XBEE XBP24 Modem Type, Would love to…"
Jul 7, 2012
zdebeer replied to Alvin Stewart's discussion Random Flip On Takeoff
"Not Sure if my problem is related, but I found that sometimes my copter flip on take off, I have learned to spot it by now before it happens. I Found that when this happens and I look at the log files on the mission planner the Y Gyro stays 0 and…"
May 29, 2012
zdebeer posted a discussion
I am planning to buy a DJI F550 frame for my ardupilot, my home made frame is not as perfect and strong as I would like it to be and figured it will be easier just to buy a proper frame. I was hoping if someone that already have a F550 can tell me…
Apr 28, 2012
zdebeer posted photos
Apr 9, 2012
zdebeer replied to Mark Zimmerman's discussion ArduCopter cannot fly anyway
"Sounds to me you connected the motors wrong to the APM. I had similar problem, did not realize that the APM has a front side and it should be inline with your quadcopters front, I connected the left side motors on the right side. So when the copter…"
Apr 9, 2012