DJI Innovation F550 Measurements

I am planning to buy a DJI F550 frame for my ardupilot, my home made frame is not as perfect and strong as I would like it to be and figured it will be easier just to buy a proper frame. 

I was hoping if someone that already have a F550 can tell me how large the space between the top plate and the bottom plate is (Height x Width x Length), I was wondering if I can mount the APM1 board between the two plates instead of on top of the frame. 

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  • Along the same lines...if you mount a APM 2 board inbetween the plates do you need to run the GPS externally or will it acquire a signal from inside?

  • I have an f550 with apm1 installed between the plates.  there is plenty of room.  the only drawback is the 24 screws you have to remove any time you want to get to it which can be a pain.  

  • I have an F450 and it's about 1.5 inches between platforms. 2.1 inches between legs on the sides. It's tall enough to house the APM2 stacked on a 9x receiver if your connectors go to the side or you feed the receiver connections through the holes on the top platform. I'm not sure how much bigger the APM1 is. You will likely want to build a small stand-off platform since the DJI has all of the electrical traces build into the bottom platform.

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