Xbee uplink not working. Terminal mode shows garbage

In an earlier version of Megaplanner I was able to make Config changes and send them to my Hexa. Currently, this seems to have no effect. Also, when going in terminal mode, the result screen shows lots of scrambled garbage as output.


Downlink via Xbee is fine. Connecting via hardware USB is fine too (both uplink and downlink). Any ideas would be appreciated! I'm afraid I'm going to wear out of the USB connector on the board!


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  • I get the same problem when going into terminal mode, the terminal screen just shows garbage, Tried pressing enter 3 times as suggested in the comments and the "mission planner" just hangs app. I am using the XBEE XBP24 Modem Type, Would love to know if anybody finds a fix.

  • I could be wrong but since the telemetry data is in binary format (not readable ascii text) I never ever in a serial terminal window get "readable" data. I'm talking in a serial terminal window such as Arduino serial monitor, Putty, hyperterminal, or some other serial terminal window. It could be a completely incorrect assumption on my part but I assume the CLI terminal window is the same unless it interprets the data and displays text in a readable format. My understanding is that there is a mode change and then the APM spits out ascii. The reason we don't use ascii during flight is that the time to write ascii out the serial port seriously jams the main loop as this is a known problem in programming any 8 bit microcontroller. Bascically, writing serial ascii from the APM would make it respond so slow you could not stabilize.

    Again, I could be wrong but I think this is what's going on.

  • Half the problem is solved. Uplink DOES work. I finally figured out (duh!) that when changing a config value in Megaplanner to click outside of the field that was changed to turn it green to trigger an upload.

  • In terminal mode press return three times and that should sort out the garbled data for you.

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