Says that roadside cleaning workers found a abandoned hexa-copter near a penitentiary (in  Presidente Venceslau, São Paulo state, Brazil), loaded with 3 cell phones with chargers and 3 saw blades (amateurs!). Probably was an attempt to deliver the cell phones to inmates (cell phones are very forbidden in Brazilian penitentiaries). Previous attempts involved pigeons with small backpacks, bows, arrows, and more.

No good news. I can already hear our precious politicians discoursing against hexacopters (and pigeons, and bows, and arrows,...).

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  • Some guy made a smart move and camouflaged his Quad as a cat :)



  • You guys joke, but may the Montry Python sketch would have been reality, if it were a Maximum Security facility.  There's always fresh meat to sacrifice.

  • Developer

    Chris... (LOL) Here's the clip:

  •  Sandro Benigno :   

    got the image from monty python in  my head.   "Message for you, Sir"

  • Moderator

    Re: why they left it. One might speculate from the photo that they crashed. One of the motor mounts looks broken. From there, it is not a stretch to imagine that the operator did not feel he could approach it without getting caught, or that someone else got to it before he did.

  • Developer

    @Lefebvre... it depends, if you shot it from a lower level --on a quasi vertical angle-- it would diminish the speed and fall gently on the roof, for example.

    Something just like this: 

  • Some of them even practice first... dummy runs...

  • I can't understand how that arrow scheme would ever work.  I'd think the phones would be destroyed on impact?

  • Is this the DIY Drones meme? "somebody did xxx with a UAV, our hobby is doomed"

  • Developer

    Oh man... that's just starting. Not good for the hobby.
    But even sportive bow and arrows were used on previous attempts. (GSM/GPRS based "Unmanned Arrow Vehicle"... LOL)
    3692433260?profile=originalMy cartoon blown mind can't avoid imagining a resident with a cell phone stuck on his chest. :P

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