Doubt Tilting motors in a Y6 (anyone please...)

Hi droners,

I'm having a bit of a doubt tilting the lower motors in the Y6 I'm about to maiden.


let's take for instance the two rear motors 8 and 4, 8 turns CCW, and 4 CW, but it's the prop that turns CW, as the motor is rotated 180º as well as the prop, motor 4 will turn CCW like motor 8, right?

3690909783?profile=originalSo looking at the motors from behind, what is the correct layout for tilting the bottom motors in a Y6, A or B ??



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  • Just noticed the date of this post but popped up as new on my screen??? lol I feel dumb. How did it turn out Danny? All good I hope.:)

  • this might help?  Tilting the motors I would think would just be confusing the Gyros/exle and so on. There design to fix all leveling issues with power +/- . Forgive me if I'm not understanding what it is your talking about... Your rotation should be like this also. Again I could be wrong.3692377437?profile=original

  • Another question about tilting Y6:

    as the two motors on each arm are one on top of the other and turning in different directions, is it really necessary to tilt motors on a Y6??  Don't they compensate each other??


  • choice B:

    the important thing is the orientation of the prop... ignore were the motor is in relation to the prop

    the prop 8 should turn CCW and 4 CW in relation to the QUAD not the motor. so if you flip the motor 180 you need to reverse the rotation and the prop so that it still produces upward thrust in the correct rotation.

    I would try to fly without tilting the motors... the Y6 I have flown had enough yaw control without offsetting the props.  if you need more authority in yaw you can modify it later

  • Anyone please???  I have an indoor session tomorrow and I don't want to mess it up on the maiden ;-)

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