What's problem with this quad?



Here is my quad video:



Power board doesn't exists, just I soldered + wires together and - wires together.

APM 1.4 with latest ArduCopter code. Uploaded via Mission Planner.

Did leveling process successfully

Did radio setup process successfully

Did frame set to + mode

Before everything just erased eeprom using erase command on terminal

IMU Shield is attached as you may see in video

ESCs calibrated all at once successfully.

Propellers CW and CCW successfully attached and front, back, left, right attached to APM properly.


Frame is made from Balsa Wood.


ESC: DualSky ESC 25A

Motors: DualSky 980KV (XM2830CA-12)

Battery: 3000mah 11.1V 30C


Entire quad weight: 910 grams


What do you think now?

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  • Mark,

    I can offer some input. My quad flew like yours on my first flights. The characteristics of my ESC's (they were flashed with SimonK firmware) required that I raise both Stable P pids to 8.5 (from 4.5) to get a level flight. Without that it would act as if there was no leveling control. Try it once and see.


  • Those ESC's look exactly like the Mystery 30A ones i am running (but with a different label). I had a problem with one of mine, a dry solder joint on one of the connections inside. ended up removing the heat shrink and re soldering all the legs and tabs of each transistor. 

    when doing the motor test the motor on leg 3 would not spin, however the motor would spin up with the vibration of the other motors spinning, but was very intermittent. also there were some weird beeps every now and then.

    Since repairing i have had no problems

  • Have you tried swapping the props around on that leaning side to see if it still wants to lean to that same side?

  • Everything double checked.

    Still in motor test just 2 motors spins. Got some takeoffs, but I want it to take of more stable.

    Any ideas?

  • Try to move your receiver. The antennas are to close to the ESC.

  • I currently have no logs because i dont have an Xbee conected to my ArduCopter, i will try flying it with USB connected.

    But here is the video:

  • Ok, folks.  With so many people seemingly having these flipping problems, I would like to use this discussion to focus attention on the issue.  I don't rule out software or hardware problems, but it can cause by your particular configuration.  

    Please post the logs, downloaded using the Mission Planner, Terminal->download logs function, that they can be analysed.

  • I have the same problem... I'm uploading a video right now.

    Hope someone will find the problem.. 

  • Mark, get in touch with someone more experienced.

    But here are some links you might want to look at:




    As to why a single ground point in high current systems, google "power supply design"

    English isn't my first language, I sometimes have difficulty get my thoughts across.

  • Hi


    I see this data in MegaPlanner:



    Is it normal?


This reply was deleted.


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