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surndliha commented on Jeevan Kalanithi's blog post More News About the Solo Gimbal!
"I have to agree with Robert on this. The aerial footage looks like an average alexmos powered gimbal from 2013.
Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, but it's not good either comparing to dji/freefly gimbals with encoders. If a small company like…"
Jun 25, 2015
surndliha replied to Tom in NOVA's discussion Turnigy 9X radio - pot / potentiometer replacement / repair
Did you find out where to get the B505 potentiometer because i am having some jitter on my T9x throttle stick or what did you do to get yours working?"
May 24, 2012
surndliha replied to Bill Jowitt's discussion Zoom Cameras on MultiCopters/CAM_X_DZ parameters
"I am also wondering about CAM_R_DZ and CAM_P_DZ parameters .."
May 17, 2012
surndliha posted a discussion
HelloI am building an octocopter with 8x tiger mt2814 motors and 8x 30A rctimer ESC's with SimonK firmare, 2x 5000mAh 4S batteries.I want to use one battery for 4 motors and other battery for 4 motors + apm.I have attached wiring diagram also. So…
May 8, 2012
surndliha replied to maroFX's discussion all 4 motors shut down for1 sec during flight. What's that? in ArduCopter User Group
"Might be a bad connection, check telemetry logs to see if something interesting there."
Apr 26, 2012
surndliha replied to Rick Stewart's discussion Apm 2.0 - 2.5.4 Setup
"I have the same problem with APM1 v1.4 board. There was 0 wind outside and even then my quad wouldn't like to fly level. Was really jumpy and strange altough i had the same pid settings as with 2.5.3.
Did a rollback to 2.5.3 and its flying fine."
Apr 25, 2012
surndliha replied to Mark Zimmerman's discussion What's problem with this quad?
"Have you tried swapping the props around on that leaning side to see if it still wants to lean to that same side?"
Apr 9, 2012
surndliha posted a discussion
HelloCouple of days ago i was flying with my quadcopter (3DR frame, but just 3cm longer and little bit thinner arms) on my local ski resort, temp was +3C, when it started to hang midair - see videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCFYXozxP1o1:49 and…
Apr 2, 2012
surndliha replied to surndliha's discussion quad not level
"Okey i finally cracked my strange roll problem. And the winner is bent EPP 12x4.5 prop.
Damn these cheap props have given me so much headache. Most of them are so badly balanced that i had to sand off like a kilometer of material to get them in…"
Mar 17, 2012
surndliha replied to surndliha's discussion quad not level
"I would greatly appreciate if someone even could point me in a general direction to where the problem might lie."
Mar 15, 2012
surndliha replied to 1stnzbcxw733d's discussion For want of motor redundancy
Mar 15, 2012
surndliha posted a discussion
HeiI have basically the same frame as 3DR, but just 3cm longer and little bit thinner arms,rctimer/jdrones 2836-9 880kv motors + 12x45 props, rctimer/jdrones 30A ESC, 2650mAh 30C 3S battery, apm1 atmega2560 (arducopter v2.4.1) with oilpan, gps,…
Mar 7, 2012
surndliha commented on u4eake's blog post U4eake's showleds, arming and low battery warning leds
Feb 13, 2012