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student of mechatronics/ PhD thesis in progress at University of Technology. Photography and Windsurfing amateur.

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first steps in aerial photography, flown before a lot with helicopters with camera on board.



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maroFX posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
My Arducopter has a problem with motors, when using yaw.  While hovering everything seems to be allright, but when I use a little rudder stick something wrong happens with motors: all incerase speed gradually, and when I try to reduce speed…
Jul 8, 2013
maroFX replied to maroFX's discussion Oposite motors change speed rappidly by themself ? in ArduCopter User Group
"1) Where can I find example of proper sensor calibration procedure , step by step ?
2) After many  "blind" attempts  all motors work correctly but I don't know exactly which procedure helped. Should I do any tests in Terminal Mode or it's now…"
May 6, 2012
maroFX posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
APM v2.5.4. I don't understand some strange motor behaviors.Maybe it's PID issue? Without touching or moving quad I could notice  two oposite motors slow down rapidly after few second. Quad tries to turn fast in Z axis.  It happen itself only under…
May 4, 2012
maroFX posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
I wonder if the common GND is correct in this case. Should I change something? All parts powered separately (seems for me to be good). But as I mentioned in other topic I have strong servo twitching only during the flight and I'm not sure if it's…
Apr 27, 2012
maroFX replied to Crispin's discussion Channel 6 twitch
"I also have  twitching pitch/roll servos but  I observe it became much stronger during the flight.  Servos twitch all the time! Interferences or what? Everything is powered separately from other BEC, there should't be any brown outs.
I analyzed PWM…"
Apr 27, 2012
maroFX posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
While hovering I noticed all motors shut down few times and started again after about 1sec.  I power AP board, Reciver and Roll/Pitch servos  separately from different ESC BEC (with common GND only). There shouldn't appear brown outs. So what's the…
Apr 26, 2012
maroFX replied to maroFX's discussion Power source again...BEC 5.8V, noises, Tx no response, etc... in ArduCopter User Group
"any Idea what is wrong?:("
Apr 13, 2012
maroFX posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
I observe strong camera-servo oscilation, only when the throttle stick is in the middle position and the motors are armed (instead of ESC i plugged 4 servos and they are undisturbed).  Annoing!  I tested on BEC 5.1 and 4x NiCd 4.8V and discovered…
Apr 11, 2012
maroFX replied to maroFX's discussion tests with Servos instead of ESC. strange results? in ArduCopter User Group
"Thanks for answer,
I've just made some new tests because I had some suspicions.  The EndPoints in my Transmiter are everywhere only +-100% (default settings) and for first 4 channels the pwm range is only 1070 - 1930us, but for next channels there…"
Apr 7, 2012
maroFX posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
I still can't set up my AC board properly or do something wrong. When I started motors slowly on the ground I noticed very strong dangeraous thrust changes without any stick input. It Looks like some strong noises. The same day I repeated the test…
Apr 7, 2012
maroFX replied to Teemu Lehtonen's discussion New arducopter firmware (2.0.49) works so great!!!
"ok, but how did you solve the RATE_  params problem?  I would like to write PID params directly from APM Configurator, but there are still something wrong and I got messages: "Set RATE_RLL_P failed".  The same at almost all RATE_params. Need to fix…"
Nov 3, 2011
maroFX posted a discussion
 I'm looking for a stable software with acces to all Camera parameters (end-point, neutral position, angular speed, reverse) in APM Planner. Which AC software version could you recommend? Currently I use software ver.2.0.39 and there are some…
Nov 2, 2011