I have basically the same frame as 3DR, but just 3cm longer and little bit thinner arms,

rctimer/jdrones 2836-9 880kv motors + 12x45 props, rctimer/jdrones 30A ESC, 2650mAh 30C 3S battery, apm1 atmega2560 (arducopter v2.4.1) with oilpan, gps, magnetometer, xbee 2.4ghz.

When i level the quad (throttle down and left +15 sec) or from mission planner and try to fly, it leans heavily and i need to manually hold pitch/roll stick to hold it level on my turnigy 9x (er9x) with frsky djt transmitter and d8r II receiver.

But when i do the auto-level thingie it flies level just fine, but the horizon (roll,pitch values) is totally off.

See video here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_g2s8o05i0

How can this be so and what might be wrong with apm?

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I would greatly appreciate if someone even could point me in a general direction to where the problem might lie.

let try to do level in CLI or in setup

have tried it - then it won't be level when i want to fly, it has roll ~13deg and pitch ~6deg so it will fly away unless i compensate with my rc remote.

Okey i finally cracked my strange roll problem. And the winner is bent EPP 12x4.5 prop.

Damn these cheap props have given me so much headache. Most of them are so badly balanced that i had to sand off like a kilometer of material to get them in balance.

Little demo showing how a bent prop might look like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRYevxSbc7g

Going to buy APC props from now on ..

What are you trying to show in the video? all props will do that as the trailing edge of the prop sits lower than the hub.

Glad you got your problem sorted.

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