What's problem with this quad?



Here is my quad video:



Power board doesn't exists, just I soldered + wires together and - wires together.

APM 1.4 with latest ArduCopter code. Uploaded via Mission Planner.

Did leveling process successfully

Did radio setup process successfully

Did frame set to + mode

Before everything just erased eeprom using erase command on terminal

IMU Shield is attached as you may see in video

ESCs calibrated all at once successfully.

Propellers CW and CCW successfully attached and front, back, left, right attached to APM properly.


Frame is made from Balsa Wood.


ESC: DualSky ESC 25A

Motors: DualSky 980KV (XM2830CA-12)

Battery: 3000mah 11.1V 30C


Entire quad weight: 910 grams


What do you think now?

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  • I got a strange point, if it makes difference.

    I go to terminal, I enter setup -> motors

    Motor 1 spins a little and stops

    Motor 2 spins a little and stops

    Motor 3 no diff but waits necessary delay

    Motor 4 no diff but waits necessary delay

    Then motor 1 spins again a little and stops and so on.

    Anything here?

  • Recent fly logs attached


  • More images attached:




  • Hi

    Changes made during last hours, learned them here in comments.

    a) Connected Ground and Signal connection on ALL ESCs.

    b) Manually calibrated EACH ESC.

    c) Balanced ALL propellers properly.

    d) To protect noise and that extension cables which may caused noise, I used original ESC cable extender and just cutted + wire on it.

    Now after above changes NO ANY SIMPLE change! Everything behaves as before, exactly as originally uploaded video.

    What do you think now?




  • It almost looks like it's going to fly in some of those shots.  It could just need a bit of correction at liftoff.

    Have you ever flown a quad before?  I get the feeling maybe not, but forgive me if you already know this.  It requires a bit of practice.  First time, it took me a while to get off the ground without crashing.  I spent quite some time with the motors at just below liftoff point sliding the copter around on smooth ground (concrete) to get the feel of the controls.  Then when you do get off the ground, fly keeping the tail facing directly towards you so that the controls parallel the movement of the copter - i.e. stick left = roll left.  After quite a bit of practice (days) with this, then learn how to rotate your brain as the platform rotates, flying first left/right and ultimately flying back towards yourself where left/right fwd/back are all reversed (I'm still working on that one!)

    Here's a good site: http://www.rchelicopterfun.com/how-to-fly-rc-helicopters.html

    To help with this, you'll want to wrap some bright coloured tape around the front leg of the quad to show you which is front.

    BTW, what flight mode are you using?  Stabilise would be best.  There is Simple mode that flies in a set direction regardless of the orientation of the copter.  However, I notice you don't have a GPS or Magnetometer, so Simple mode won't work.

  • can you get over to NJ sometime?  It would be easier to troubleshoot in person,

    I work in Paterson NJ, if you can get over during the week we can meet up in a local park or something and figure this out.

  • It really looks like the APM has no effect whatsoever.

    Your wiring to the APM doesn't look right, give us a hires picture of that.

    On at least two controllers you don't have any earth connected to the ESC's.

    There are very nice and clear pictures and, drawings in the Wiki, read it again.

  • I don't like the looks of those extension wires to the ESCs signal connectors and tie down all your wires, I bet you're getting a lot of signal noise to the ESCs from them flailing around.  Also you should balance your props.

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