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James replied to James's discussion Power supply for APM, VideoTX, Gimbal, etc...
"Yeah ch6 will go to the gimbal obviously, but I also want to connect it to the micro servo on the fpv camera - then I'll trim the gimbal settings to get both pointing more or less at the same angle.

Finally it would be nice to keep the ch6 input to…"
Dec 3, 2014
James replied to James's discussion Power supply for APM, VideoTX, Gimbal, etc...

yes its certainly starting to look like a good option.  i have some nice 1300mAh 3S batteries which might be just right for powering all electronics (APM+rx+gimbal+Vtx+servo), im not keen on changing two batteries with every flight so a…"
Dec 3, 2014
James replied to Brandon Clifford's discussion Dreaded Vibrations! - Please help, giving up!
"hi, as you say the root of it all is vibration in the motors - so careful balancing will help a lot.

but for the vibration thats left (theres always some), ive found that stiffer foams work much better.  if you can, get your APM on a board with as…"
Dec 2, 2014
James posted a discussion
hi all,its been a long time since ive posted anything here - real life has been keeping me busy.since this summer ive had a TBS Discovery flying with APM 2.5 and generally things have gone very well.  as things have developed and ive got more and…
Dec 1, 2014
James replied to mrfunk's discussion launching from top of mountain, dropping into a valley? disaster?

this is covered with the RTL_ALT parameter, which is the minimum altitude it must have before navigating back home.  if youre flying below home and select RTL it will stay still horizontally whilst climbing to RTL_ALT (mine is set at 30m -…"
Sep 29, 2014
James replied to Ricardo Vasquez's discussion Tercer accidente. in Spanish arducopter Users
"tienes un log del APM en lugar del tlog?

es que no se interpretar nada de los tlog!

Sep 19, 2012
James replied to Jorge Martinez Galindo's discussion ArduCopter Ver 2.7.1 in Spanish arducopter Users
"buenas Jorge,

en primer lugar el GPS no influye en el modo "STABILIZE", así que ningun problema con respecto a eso.

calibrar los ESC puede ser una pesadilla y lo hice muchas veces antes de que me saliera todo correcto - aunque no notas la…"
Aug 8, 2012
James replied to Javier Robaina's discussion Mision sin control remoto ni Joystick in Spanish arducopter Users
"por poder, sí que se puede hacer.

pero ten en cuenta que la única visión del mundo que tiene es el GPS (bueno, mas barómetro y posiblemente sonar para altitud), y mientras el 99% del tiempo el GPS da una posición fiable, a veces no es el caso y…"
Aug 7, 2012
James replied to Alex Hills's discussion Arducopter Hull
Aug 4, 2012
James replied to ducatona's discussion PX4 vs APM2.5 in Spanish arducopter Users

creo que muy pocos sabían de PX4 hasta hace unas pocas semanas.
la diferencia fundamental para mi es la flexibilidad, PX4 no está tan ligado al firmware de arducopter y arduplane.  ahora, están trabajando para portar el firmware actual…"
Aug 3, 2012
James replied to roger's discussion 880kv jdrones & ddr store set slack and hex screw size
"i lost a motor just the other day - at high altitude and a long way away from me!  exactly the failure youre describing, where the circlip slips out of place and the rotor comes right off.

as far as i can tell, the amount of slack along the shaft…"
Aug 2, 2012
James replied to Calum Barnes's discussion Arducopter 3DR-B 880kv Motor Assembly Problem
"the bearing is 10mm diameter, if that helps :)"
Jul 27, 2012
James replied to Will Kruger's discussion F550 hexacopter MAJOR set back!
"do you have video of it flying?

just trying to think of the most likely things that could have happened since you last had the HK board on there - if youve suffered a few bumps with the ground your props may be off balance and causing vibrations.…"
Jul 24, 2012
James replied to Dan Gray's discussion Version 1.3 of APMLogVisualizer.... With Nice Graphs.

i tried v1.3 over the weekend and something has changed - it now rejects all my GPS lines.

this is with AC 2.6 (on APM1).  the earlier version of the program (from about 2 or 3 weeks ago) works fine.


Jul 23, 2012
James replied to dr1ce315's discussion Customized Hexa pulling foward when throttle is applied... PID?
"PID tuning is to control the change of attitude, to get it following your stick or autopilot inputs quickly and smoothly without too much oscillation.

if its consistently pulling forward in stabilize, then its because it thinks its not level.  if…"
Jul 20, 2012
James left a comment on Spanish arducopter Users
"buenas, aquí un inglés en Tenerife."
Jul 12, 2012