Futaba T7C - Six Flight Modes

so, following my post here: http://www.diydrones.com/forum/topics/futaba-t7c-channel-5-mode-switch

and the tutorial here: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/configure-6-flight-modes-for

things didnt really didnt seem to fit when trying to set up my radio for six flight modes.  after a couple of days blundering through mixes and comments from other users i finally started to understand what the different settings were doing, and found that half of what i had done was unnecessary.

once i had a clear idea of what changed with each option it was a case of a few minutes getting everything just right.  as promised, a video.

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  • Larry, That's a very nice demo. You should do a whole series on APM setup and configuration, with the same style as this! At the very least post this one as it's own thread. Things get lost around here if they are buried at all.

  • I re did my video on 6 flight modes on the futaba 7c, this time i included the endpoint changes.  I also included a section at the end on how i calculated the perfect pwm for each mode using a spreadsheet.  I totally geeked out on this  but i wanted to know how changes to the endpoints and offsets changed the PWM.  I was looking for a mathematical solution for calculating the PWM that would put me into the 6 modes.

    Thanks to Joshua for pointing out the error in my first video where i cut the section on endpoints by mistake.

    Most of the information from my video comes from James video with my twist on it.

  • Thanks Joshua, I am still trying to learn Sony Studio, when i watch other videos, it like it when you can see close up and when i can see the sticks

  • Larry,
    I like that picture in picture style you do with your videos, it makes things really easy to follow : )
  • your are  absolutely right, i rewatched my video and realized i must have cut it out of the video by accident, one of those learning to video edit better things, thanks for letting me know, i took it down until i fix it.

  • Larry, I noticed that you didn't adjust the channel 5 endpoints the way James did in this video, I had to do that for this to work on my T7C.

  • Can this post please be added to-


  • Yes. This is an awsome guide. I still refer back to it whilst doing new setups, even in preference to copying setting from another TX.


    It works for all sorts of Tx's too :)

  • Thanks for posting this video. I have set up my T7C with the same values you show in the video and now I have 6 modes available. Of in the morning to test out a few more modes..
    Much appreciated
  • Thanks, it was very usefull!

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